Dirty Dishes and Dog Kisses

Today was a busy and productive day. The kind of day that makes me feel satisfied with all I accomplished. Vacuuming, mopping, dishes, cooking, laundry, general cleaning, dusting, weeding, and rose trimming. Whew. That is more than I have accomplished in a long time.

I was unloading some clean dishes from our dishwasher. Close by my side, like always, was my little helper. She helped me unload by testing the cleanliness of the dishes by, how else, inserting them into her mouth. “This one tastes clean, Mom. Here it is so you can put it away!” If they didn’t make it into her mouth, they were set on the floor, which of course means that I had to add them back to the dishwasher to await the next cleansing load. She also kept herself busy emptying out various kitchen cabinets and drawers.

After I fed the dogs, Adrianna walked over to their doggy dishes and proceeded to help them eat their food. I had to actually reach my finger into her mouth to get some of the kibble out. Yuck. Adrianna was not happy about me dragging her away from the doggy dish. Apparently she thinks their food tastes okay.

From then on, Adrianna kept trying to walk over to their dish. When I would see her getting close, I would say her name in a warning tone of voice, and she would veer her steps in another direction, all the while watching me, as if she was going to go that other direction all along. Eventually, she tired of this game and went all out towards their dish and proceeded to lift it up and over, spilling its contents all over the floor. Thankfully, Chloe and Molly were quick to clean up the mess.

Adrianna also likes to play in the dogs’ water dish. So Greg had the idea of getting Adrianna her own dish of water to play with. Adrianna’s water dish didn’t even last a whole second before she had lifted it up and over. Water all over the kitchen floor that I had just swept and mopped. And then she sat in it.

This past week has found Chloe or Molly deciding that sippy cups are good for eating. I am not sure why this is happening all of a sudden, but so far one has been ruined completely and another has acquired some teeth marks. They usually leave her toys alone, with the exception of her rubber duckies. The poor ducks are now beakless and without tail feathers.

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2 Responses

  1. Faith says:

    I love those really productive days! They happen so seldom around here!
    Them sippy cups are goooood eatin’!!

  2. rhonda says:

    Hey, maybe that dog food is good…and we just don’t know it 🙂

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