Penchant for Purple

Cindy’s comment on my “On Getting Older” post made me LOL as I remembered a true story from our childhood.

When I was a teen, I was working as a cashier at Jack & Jill’s (a grocery store.) Since it was a small grocery store, it attracted many elderly customers.

During my three years of employment there, I noticed something about our elderly clientele. The ladies had a penchant for wearing purple clothing. Well, heavily-applied/dark makeup too, but in particular, they liked to wear lots of purple.

One evening, I was commenting on this old lady purple outfit phenomenon to my sisters. I went on and on about how it seemed like every elderly lady would wear purple. Unbeknownst to myself, my mother was around the corner in an adjoining room and overheard the entire conversation. She was wearing all purple: a purple sweatshirt and purple sweatpants.

I found out later that she immediately got up, changed clothes, threw the purple sweatsuit away, and hasn’t worn purple since.

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  1. momma says:

    I was laughing so loud when I read this. I told dad he needs to read your blog because he doesnt remember the purple story. hehe oh, and another thing to never do, is to get a short, tight curly hairsyle. that is a sure sign of “oldness”.

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