Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep Adrianna from her job as the puller-aparter and scatterer of any toys in her vicinity.

One of Adrianna’s gifts she received for Christmas is a little “mail cart” from her Aunt Kristi. The mail cart consists of two mail slots, various noise makers, and a place to put three plastic envelopes. Adrianna loves this toy. More specifically, she loves to take it apart. She likes to pull the envelopes out of their little places that they mount into. She also enjoys removing all of the little toys that I put into the mail slots and she then proceeds to take the doors off of the mail slots themselves too.

Adrianna cannot stand to have those three little envelopes in their slots. Whenever she sees one in the slot, she immediately takes it out. Greg and I have been playing with her and we will keep putting them back in place. She can only hold two of the envelopes at a time (one in each hand) so we will take the third one and put it back in the slot. She will then drop one of the envelopes that she is holding so that she can pull the third one out of its slot. We pick up the dropped envelope and put it back in a slot. Adrianna once again drops one of the envelopes so she can pull the envelope back out. And so the game continues.

Adrianna first notices the envelopes
Adrianna first notices the envelopes

Wait a minute…there are still two envelopes left
Adrianna notices two left

And out comes envelope #2
Adrianna pulls out envelope number two

Gotta drop one to make room for the third
Adrianna drops an envelope to make room for another

Whew! Job complete – all mail has been removed
Adrianna removes the final envelope

Wait a minute! Who put that back there?
Adrianna removes another envelope

Mom put another one back. Sheesh! A baby’s work is never done!
Adrianna removes another envelope

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  1. nana says:

    how cute! 🙂

  1. 2/21/2006

    […] Adrianna’s new hobby is emptying things. She loves her mailcart toy. We will put toys in it and she promptly empties it. Sometimes she will even put a couple of toys back in it just so she can have something to pull back out. […]

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