Adrianna has a fever of 100.4 today. I am pretty sure it is related to her immunizations yesterday, since she got a fever last time too. Poor Adrianna slept fitfully all night. She was breathing heavily and when she is awake she does lots of little grunts and groans. Even in her sleep she lets out lots of little, pathetic sighs. Her little body is hot to the touch, so I undressed her to help cool her off and have been feeding her lots of liquids. I hate it when she doesn’t feel very good; I don’t like seeing my little baby in any kind of pain.

I hope she isn’t catching the bad cold that Greg had this past week. I am catching that darn thing though. Just one more case of it being better to give than receive. I stayed home sick from work today. Ugh.

Greg was a real sweetie. He got up with Adrianna this morning and let me sleep in since I wasn’t feeling well. I sure needed the sleep, and am feeling a bit better now.

I just hope I am not sick for Christmas like I was last year. Throwing up in the car because you couldn’t get the window down or your seatbelt off in time while you are on a long road-trip in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, with below-zero weather outside is not my idea of a fun trip. I certainly don’t want a repeat this year.

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  1. jamie says:

    hope adrianna feels better soon. the dr said the best time to bf is when u r sick bc ur body
    is producing antigens that u will pass on to adrianna so she doesnt get sick.

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