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Greg bought me a computer scrapbooking program for me as a late birthday present. This program, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, is awesome. It can do so much and is very user-friendly. Now I can combine two of my favorite things – being on the computer and scrapbooking. 😉

While I will start making some of my pages with this new program, I know I cannot give up on actual scrapbooking. There is just something about getting right into a project, cropping photos and paper, and manipulating things with your own hands.

One thing that this program is really going to help me with is my latest project. A baby scrapbook for Adrianna. I have been pondering how I wanted to handle creating a scrapbook for her, because I want to include all her photos and “firsts” into our family album as well. Which means that 2 scrapbooks would need to be created for the same time period and events. A lot of work, especially considering that I am still working on the year 2000 for our family albums. So I am just a little behind. hehe. I decided that I would use this new program to assist me with the creation of Adrianna’s scrapbook, which will be an 8 1/2 x 11 layout spread rather than my normal 12×12. (This program doesn’t do 12×12 as well as it does 8 1/2 x 11.) I am excited that I can hopefully keep caught up with Adrianna’s baby and toddler years this way and won’t forget any of those special events.

Another plus – I can export the pages I create into JPG files. Meaning that I can post them online easily for your viewing pleasure. Aren’t you excited?

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