The “Thin Baby”

Greg fixed Adrianna’s hair the other day to be parted in the middle. He didn’t use a hairbrush though – he used his bristly chin hair. hehe. We think her hair, when parted like this, looks like the Thin Man’s hair from the Charlie’s Angels Movies.

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  1. Janis says:

    thats a cute picture of U-2 so you dont think you want to sleep in the basement anymore? hehe I wonder what that dead blackwidows’ buddies are thinking right now.. while cindy is peacefully sleeping? they are probably in a dilemma because I am actually the one who killed their friend, so they have to decide if its worth traveling all the way upstairs and risk be seen to get me! but then the other buddies might say …well, lets get cindy instead she is right here! and the daddy spider might say …NO…cindy didn’t harm us! so they are holding a spider counseling session right now trying to decide what should be done.

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