Internet Explorer Simulator

I stumbled across this Internet Exploder Explorer Simulator on another blog this evening and just busted out laughing. How creative and sadly true for users of Internet Explorer. hehe. I am glad I use the Firefox browser. No annoying pop-up ads, convenient tabbed browsing, live Bookmarks (great if you like to keep up on multiple blogs!), and lots more.

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3 Responses

  1. shad says:

    that explorer thing is ANNOYING.. i got to about 200 and died of boredom =)

  2. Karen the future Davis gal says:

    Yikes, that IS annoying…wait, that is how it really is! AHHHhhhhhh!!!

  3. janis says:

    Yikes !!!! that was scary !! sounded like “kill the mothballs” “kill the mothballs” “kill them all!!” is that right?? yeah but like karen said that is exactly what it is like!!!

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