Living Well on One Income in a Two Income World

My mother-in-law bought this great book for me, Living Well on One Income in a Two Income World written by Cynthia Yates. (Thank you Marilyn!) I am thinking she knows my heart pretty well for how I am feeling right now. I really want to be able to be a stay-at-home mom once the baby comes, but am nervous about the financial aspects of things. I just finished this book and am feeling quite encouraged. I actually had a great shopping moment yesterday that made me feel like I was living out some of the book’s principles. It was quite empowering.

Greg and I had received a set of small drinking glasses as a wedding gift that we just absolutely loved. When we asked the couple that gave us the glasses where they got them (we wanted to purchase more), they sheepishly admitted that we were basically “re-gifted” from their wedding. hehe. No matter-we love the glasses nonetheless! We have searched high and low for more sets to complement the 4 glasses we already had. We had found a few more at Sears, but they didn’t have enough to fill complete our set. Lo and behold I found enough at Ross this weekend to complete out our set of 12 – and for a great bargain price too. I also found matching small bowls to round out my great catch. 🙂

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  1. janis says:

    I know I am glad I stayed home with you kids. 🙂

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