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New Site Design (Created by Yours Truly)

Hey, so I have a new site design. I am really excited about it, since I created it myself. I even made the background from some digital scrapbook “papers” that I designed. I still have a few cleanup pieces to put in place, but overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

I would like to also give a special thank-you to Pineapple Plantation for the curled paper template, Raspberry Road for the flower and diamond templates, and Ephemeral Victorian for the ribbon template.

Noodles or Pasta

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Naughty Teddy Bear

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Playing with Play-Doh

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Too Much TV

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Best Laid Plans

So much for my big DMV and Emissions Test plans today. The car wouldn’t start. I guess it has been awhile since we have driven it, so the battery died. Hmmm.

I did really enjoy my first day off today though and I got lots done. Greg said he could tell I was getting stuff done because there were socks in his drawer again.

Starting Part-Time

I started my part-time hours today. It hasn’t completely sunk in yet since I still worked 7.5 hours, but when I get to sleep in a little later tomorrow and don’t have to make the awful commute, I know I will be extremely excited. And thankful. And I may not know what to do with myself. I sure am looking forward to it.

Maybe I will finally have time to go get the emissions test on our Corolla since the tags expired in January. Actually, I have a long to-do list already made. How much will actually get done is another story. Especially if my day is spent at the Emissions testing place, followed by a trip to the DMV. *sigh*

But I am still SO EXCITED for my new, lesser hours.

Visiting Santa – Scrapbook Page

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Guitar Girl

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Petey:0, Garage Door: 2

Petey got caught under the garage door again. Darn cat. He will wait until the last possible moment and then try to dash in. He waits so long and crouches so close to the ground so the motion sensor doesn’t catch him. Last time it squeezed the pee right out of him. This time that didn’t happen, but he was stuck all the same. I started freaking out (why is it always me that notices it and has the freak out?) so Greg pushed the button to raise it back again.

We always check the door when we close it, ever since the first time Petey decided to get himself caught under the door. Between these two close calls and his close call with a car, we figure he has 6 lives left.

Update: I guess I should have mentioned that he seems to be okay other than having bruised hindquarters and a very bruised ego.


So my Gmail account was hacked into yesterday. I first realized it in the early evening when I went to go login and it told me my password was invalid. So I requested that Gmail send a password reset email to my old drpeterjones email. I haven’t logged into that account in ages, because I have all emails that are sent there forwarded to my Gmail account. Once I got it to load up (which took forever since it was SO full), I saw that there was a password reset email in there from 9:00 in the morning. I hadn’t requested Gmail send one until around 5:00 p.m., so it was then that Greg and I determined that the person had probably hacked into my drpeterjones email and then used that one to get into my Gmail.

Based on that speculation, we deleted that old email account once I had used my password reset email to reset my Gmail password to a new password. As a safety precaution, I also updated the passwords on some of my other important accounts (credit cards, ebay, paypal).

Since I was able to successfully change my password on my Gmail account and log back in, I figured all was well.

Then, this morning, I checked my email and saw that there was a password reset for my YouTube account from 2:22 a.m. Why someone would want to hack into that account, I have no idea. But when I went to login, sure enough, they had changed my password. ARGH. I was able to use that same reset password email that they had used and set it back to something of my choice. Nothing appears to be changed.

But that means they still somehow have access to my Gmail. I am guessing that they haven’t logged out so my password change hasn’t taken effect? I have an email into Gmail support explaining the issue. I did get a return response, but it looked like a template response telling me how to reset my password, which my email to them had stated that I had already done, but apparently they didn’t read it.

Just to be safe after this since I do live a lot of my life online, I signed up for Identity Theft Protection.

This whole thing is driving me crazy though. I wish I knew how this happened. I feel so violated.

Just to Complicate Things

I have made the decision to make much of my blog private; viewable only to registered users. Particularly the posts about my daughter. I have been feeling more and more uncomfortable with her name and pictures posted online. I know that pretty much only family and friends regularly read this, but anyone could possibly surf on in here.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you want to keep apprised of the events that happen in our darling daughter’s life, you will want to register and create a login. I know this is an inconvenience and for that I apologize, but I am sure you understand. I will be moving old posts to be private over the next few weeks.

You can Register Here.


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Happy News on the Work Front

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Bedtime Bear – Scrapbook Page

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