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Trinket Busy Board

Kids always seem to want to play with the metal parts of things, like latches on doors and other things, so my husband had the idea to build something for our girls to fiddle with endlessly that didn’t have any sharp edges or small removable parts, but which wasn’t just another piece of primary colored plastic either.

Trinket Board

This is a board with a bunch of brass hardware screwed to it. There’s a fisheye lens peephole, a hinged door, six different latches, a knob, a handle, a door stop, a threaded rod with nuts and bolts that you can turn, and a few other odds and ends. You can unlatch and remove one whole end of it. The hardware was purchased at our local hardware store and attached to a piece of scrap wood that was nicely cut and stained.

Trinket Board

It doesn’t really do anything, but maybe it will excite the part of their brain that helps them think about mechanics and engineering.  I think it will also help with hand/eye coordination and fine motor skill development. 🙂