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Cousin Kat’s USAFA Graduation

My cousin Kat graduated from the United States Air Force Academy this past Wednesday. Greg, Adrianna, and I are all very glad that we were able to attend.

We met just outside the academy gates. Luckily, my brother had his military ID on him so with Brian in our car and Kat in the other, we were able to take a back way not readily accessibly to the public and avoid a bunch of traffic on our way in. That sure was nice! So since we had some extra time to kill, we hung out for breakfast at a nearby Burger King. The ground crew for the Thunderbirds was there as well, and so Ebony was excited to get her picture taken with them.

Ebony and the Thunderbird Crew

After breakfast, it was time to make our way to the stadium. It was cold, foggy, and drizzly outside. Going off of the weather forecast of “a high of 75 degrees”, most of us weren’t very prepared for the fifty degree wetness. Thankfully my dad had some blankets in his car and we had our jackets with us. (It was an outdoor event.)

Here is part of Kat’s cheering section.
Kat's Graduation
L-R: My cousin Doug, Amber, Adrianna, Greg, my Aunt Kay, Dale, and my Dad (aka Uncle Kenny)

With over 1000 graduates, it was a long ceremony. Thankfully, Adrianna took a nap during part of it.
Amber and Adrianna

Watching the cadets file in was awesome. So military and efficient. I liked it so much, that I got part of it on video. Too bad they don’t have all graduations file in like this!

President Bush was the commencement speaker. No matter what you think about his politics, it was still very cool to see the president.
President Bush

I was amazed that he shook hands with every single graduate. In some instances, he even gave them a hug, waved to the camera for their parents, or even chest bumped a couple. I like that he can be down to earth that way. Very neat.

Here is the President shaking Kat’s hand.
Kat and President Bush

Unfortunately, due to the cloud cover, the Thunderbirds were unable to do their scheduled air show. They did a flyover at the end, but that was all. We had warned Adrianna about the loud noise that they would create, and though it startled her when they did their flyover, I think the warning helped because she was actually as disappointed as we were when we found out the airshow had been canceled.

After the graduation, we took another back way (Hooray!) to the visitor’s center for lunch, once again avoiding the crowds. By this time, the fog had lifted and the sun was shining, so after lunch we took a walk to the chapel. Greg had never been there, so I am glad we were able to do so. The chapel is amazing and very beautiful. We took some pictures of the chapel, but they just do not do the place justice.

Yergler/Lyons Family

Adrianna really took a liking to her cousin Kat. (Well, cousin once-removed. hehe.)
Adrianna and Kat

The Chapel
The Chapel

Inside the Protestant Chapel
Inside the Protestant Chapel

Inside the Catholic Chapel
Inside the Catholic Chapel

Adrianna trying on Kat’s hat. After the ceremony, all the graduates throw their hats in the air and kids 8 and older get to go onto the field and retrieve them. Kat threw hers to Ebony. ๐Ÿ™‚
Adrianna wearing Kat's hat

Congratulations Kat. We are so proud of you!

Adrianna’s Joke

Adrianna inadvertently made a joke Wednesday, even though she didn’t mean to and probably didn’t really understand why it was funny.Or maybe she did, as her comedic timing was right on.

So here is how it went down. We had to get up really early to go to my cousin’s graduation on Wednesday morning. We had stayed the night at Shad and Lynette’s house in Colorado Springs, so as we were leaving, Lynette was heading back to bed for another 45 minutes of sleep.

Me to Lynette: You get to go back to bed? I’m jealous!
Adrianna: And I’m Adrianna!

Free Digital Scrapbook Template – #11

I have another free digi-scrapping template for you.

First, here is the layout used to design the template:
Scrapbook Page using Template 11
Additional Credits: Papers and Embellishments from AmelieScrap‘s Tout Doux Kit

Click on the template preview to be taken my no-wait download page.
No Reimer Reason - Template 11 - Click to be taken to download page

Kansas Trip

A couple of weekends ago, we made the trek out to Kansas to visit Greg’s family. Jeff and Jess flew in from Chicago and Kristi came from Kansas City, so the whole family was home.

We started out the weekend with grilled burgers and then the following day by celebrating Grandpa Reimer’s birthday with a nice meal at Montana Mike’s. Adrianna really enjoyed her time with Grammy and Grampy. She also enjoyed bossing her cousin, Charlie, around.

On Monday, we all went to the Wichita zoo. It was nice to visit a new (to us) zoo. Adrianna’s favorite exhibit was probably the penguins, although she also was excited about the giraffes and elephants. I wish the Denver Zoo had a penguin display like this! Watching them glide effortlessly through the water was very cool.

Adrianna at the Wichita Zoo

Adrianna at the Wichita Zoo

Adrianna at the Wichita Zoo

She insists that her glasses are NOT upside down.


Adrianna and Greg

My Girl

Some cute things Adrianna says:

“Mommy, it’s berry scaring me!” She loves trains, but she often says this to us when she hears a train whistle in the distance.

“It’s berry raining outside!”

“I’ll come in a little minute.”

“The cars bite me.”ย  (This one is in regards to safety and our rule that she must hold an adult’s hand when crossing the street or in a parking lot. Not sure where she came up with the biting piece.)

“Mommy, you’re my girl.” I always tell her that she’s my girl, so I guess she wanted to return the sentiment.

And I love how she refers to lipstick as “yipstick.”

I know I am forgetting many of the cute things she says. She makes me laugh on a daily basis with her cute interpretations of the English language.

Cindy’s Graduation

I cannot believe I haven’t posted about Cindy’s graduation yet.

On May 10th, my little sis graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She managed to go to school full-time, work, and she is also the mommy to two adorable toddlers. I cannot even begin to imagine how busy she must have been! We are all so proud of her.


Cindy receives her diploma


Cindy and Kendall

Congratulations Cindy!

Free Digital Scrapbook Template – #10

Finally, another free scrapbook template for you.

Here is the layout I used to create the template. Unfortunately I cannot include the paper curl shown on the layout, since that isn’t my original design. But I tried to create a paper tear as a substitute. It is my first attempt at making one (after reading through three tutorials), so hopefully it will work okay. ๐Ÿ™‚

Eldorado Canyon
Credits: Paper curl and texture overlays by Pineapple Plantation

Click on the template preview to be taken my no-wait download page.
No Reimer Reason - Template 10 - Click to be taken to download page

Thank you for all your wonderful comments. They always make me smile. I enjoy being part of such an encouraging community.

Easter Egg Hunt – Scrapbook Page

Easter Egg Hunt - Scrapbook Page

Credits: Background Paper Overlay by Pineapple Plantation; Flower Brushes by Sande Krieger (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary kit)

Obama Rally – Scrapbook Page

Obama Rally

Credits: Template 5 by No Reimer Reason

*This layout does not endorse any presidential candidate. I am still very much undecided. But it was still an interesting, fun rally. ๐Ÿ™‚

Layouts Using my Designs

Some more great layouts to show you:

This one is from Rita F. using Quick Page 1. Her little girl is adorable as she “helps” with the laundry. I think the colors in her pics work well with this kit.
Layout by Rita F
Additional Credits: Bethany Harty at Elegant Word Art

And then I have another fun one from my little sis, Karen using Template 7. She and Zach are cute together.
Layout by Karen D.
Additional Credits: Papers from sbjoy

A double sided layout by Invincible Summer using Template 5. I love the fall colors in this one and also how she flipped the layout to make it work for 2 pages side by side. And once again, someone using my designs has a dachsie included in the layout. I tell you; these scrappers have good taste in their choice of pets! ๐Ÿ™‚
Layout by Invincible Summer
Layout by Invincible Summer
Additional Credits: Paper by Sharia Braxton, leaves by Katie Pertiet, 2007 by britt-ish designs, and Elegant Fall alpha by Tracy King

Here is a layout by gezin using Template 7. I like her use of the black and white photos with touches of bold colors for embellishments.
Layout by gezin
Additional Credits: Paper and Embellishments by scrapassie

Hopefully I will be posting another template freebie here soon.

Scrapbook Page

My sister-in-law, Jess, took this picture of Greg and his brother Jeff on a hike in Eldorado Canyon a couple of months ago. I don’t often put just one picture on a page, but I felt this one was worthy of an entire page all to itself, as it was such a perfect moment of the kids with their dads.

To blend the photo into the background, I had fun playing with the feather mode in Photoshop. I also used the eraser tool to help blur/feather out a car that was in an inconvenient place on the side of the road the guys were walking down.

The journaling is a quote by Sarah Orne Jewett that reads, “My dear father; my dear friend; the best and wisest man I ever knew, who taught me many lessons and showed me many things as we went together along the country by-ways.”

Just Daddy and Me

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the ConchordsLast night, Greg and I had the immense pleasure of attending a performance by Flight of the Conchords. For those of you not familiar with this group, they claim themselves to be “New Zealand’s fourth most popular digi-folk paradists.” The concert basically consists of them performing their songs, using acoustic guitars and other instruments, and talking in between.

They were AMAZING and so hilarious.ย  They totally interacted and played off of the audience. Greg and I laughed throughout the whole performance and my face was sore from smiling so much afterwards. And everyone in the audience sang along to key portions of their songs.

Did Steve tell you that, perchance? Steve.

I am so glad we were able to get tickets. Even though I purchased our tickets after only an hour or so after they went on sale a few months ago, we weren’t as close to the stage as I would have liked. Seeing Jemaine and Bret’s facial expressions is half the comedy, so we kicked ourselves that we didn’t think to bring binoculars. Even so, it was worth it just being there. And they did almost all of my favorite songs, even Foux De Fa Fa and of course Business Time.

Digital Scrapbook Template – #9

I tried hard to do something that was different than my normal squares and symmetrical style, and I am pleased with how it turned out. I guess it pays to think outside the box.

Here is the layout I made:

El Dorado Canyon
Credits: Flower and Swirl created by AmelieScrap

Click on the Template preview to be brought to my freebie download page.
No Reimer Reason - Template 9 - Click to be taken to the download page

Thank you for all your wonderful comments. They are always appreciated.

Free Digital Scrapbook Kit

I have finally finished my second digital scrapbooking kit freebie. I hope you like it.

Here is a layout I made using the kit. I will most likely be posting a template of this layout in a few days as well.
Scrapbook Page Using Kit 2

This kit was designed for 12×12 pages and all files should be at 300 PPI.

Click on the kit preview below to be taken to the download page.
No Reimer Reason - Kit 2 - Click to be taken to download page

Kit contains:

  • 6 Background papers
  • 2 pieces of Ric-rak
  • 2 Brads
  • 2 folded/stapled ribbons
  • 2 Stars with stitching
  • 1 bow
  • 2 flowers

If you use this kit, let me know. I love seeing how creative everyone is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just Doing Our Part for the Economy

A couple weekends ago, my sisters and I met up in Loveland to do our part for the economy. Translation: we went shopping!! It was fun to have a girls’ day; just the three of us. We each bought ourselves a new outfit or two and had lunch and dinner together. It was a great way to spend the day.

Cindy and Amber

Cindy and Karen

I think Greg was a little irritated that I was gone ALL DAY until I showed him one of my surprise purchases: MarioKart for the Wii. Then all was forgiven. Granted, we didn’t OWN a Wii (and I wasn’t able to find one at any store I tried). But we had long known that once MarioKart came out for the Wii that we would purchase that game console just for that game, so I felt I could purchase it in good conscience without having to discuss the large purchase with him first. I was so excited about getting it; neither of us had heard of the game’s release until Cindy mentioned it to me. And I am so glad I grabbed the game when I did even without being able to also purchase a Wii, because the next three stores I tried didn’t have the game OR the Wii. Greg was so anxious to play our new game that he called several stores the following Monday until we found one that had a Wii in stock. And we have been spending many hours playing ever since. ๐Ÿ˜›