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Frozen Feet

The weather has been really cold here today. I think our high temperature was 12. When the weather is like this, our poor little dogs have such a hard time. If they dilly dally more than a minute or so in finding the perfect spot to do their business outside, their paws freeze and they just give up and quit walking, even if they are only a few feet from the door. This means that Greg or I have to rescue them by throwing our shoes on, running outside, and picking them up. I seriously think that they would just roll over and give up otherwise.

Tonight this happened to Molly. After only being outside for maybe a minute, she stopped walking. I called to her and she wouldn’t come. It wasn’t the normally selective hearing they like to portray when they don’t want to come; it was more like “Mom, my feet are too cold and I just can’t walk another step.” She first lifted up one of her front paws to get it off of the cold ground, then the other, so that she was standing only on her hind feet but not in her normal, happy begging style. I could tell she had given up, so I threw on my shoes and ran to pick her up. Poor doggie.

Sickness and Snacks

You know how I can tell I have been sick for a week? Because we have had oreos in the house for a week and I don’t think I have touched them for at least 5 days. And we have had chocolate “birthday cake” (cupcakes) for two days and I haven’t even felt tempted to have one. So unlike me.

This being sick thing would be a great diet plan except for the whole feeling sick part.

Chloe and Molly Scrapbook Page

Chloe and Molly
Credits: Template by Britt-ish Designs; Background Papers and Elements from Raspberry Road‘s New Beginnings Kit

Weekend to Remember Scrapbook Page

Weekend to Remember
Credits: Template by Kim B’s Designs; Background Paper from TerriAnn Hanks‘ A Fresh Start Kit

Corn Chip Chloe

So I am majorly craving corn chips right now. Tostitos, Santitas, any delicious yellow corn chips would do. And do you want to know WHY I am craving corn chips at this late hour? Because of my dog, Chloe, who often emits an odor that smells an awful lot like corn chips. She is sitting near me and I got a whiff of a corn chippy smell. The sad thing is that this happens quite often. Not sure why she smells like corn chips, but I guess it is better than a lot of other things a dog can smell like. But I feel a little strange that I begin to crave food after sniffing my dog.