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Water Fountain

Today Adrianna and I visited a water fountain with her friends from childcare. I never realized this free place was there and so close by. The water shoots right up from the ground and is made for kids to run through. It seems to be a popular place for moms with young kids.

Adrianna is fascinated by water, but she was still pretty hesitant about getting near it at first. Even when I carried her through the water, she was still scared and would not let me put her down. But after watching the other kids having a good time in the water, her curiosity got the best of her and she joined in the fun. The water shoots up pretty high so she still stayed on the outskirts and preferred to stay near me or her big “brothers” Sean and Shane, who she adores. I think they really like her too.

Adrianna with her big brothers

After a moment of bravery, she would run back to where I was sitting on a bench to work up her courage again or to snack on goldfish crackers.

Adrianna plays in the water

When we got home after playing in the water, it was nap time. As soon as Adrianna woke back up, she was chattering about the water.

This evening we went to Toys ‘R Us to buy some new toys for Adrianna. She loves trains so we thought it would be cool to get her a little train set. Greg also wanted to upgrade her Legos from Lego Quatro to Lego Duplo now that she is older. Although I think he really just wanted the Legos for himself.
Greg loves Legos

Crayola Nibbles

Adrianna is sitting on a stool at the island while I make dinner. She is happily drawing on paper (and occasionally the island) with her crayons when I catch her putting one of her crayons in her mouth.

Me: Adrianna, no! No crayons in your mouth.
Adrianna: [Silent stare while she takes the crayon out of her mouth and then puts it right back into her mouth.]
Me: Adrianna. Mommy said ‘No!’ Take the crayon out of your mouth or you are done drawing.
Adrianna: [More toddler silent stubbornness ensues]

So to keep my word, I take the crayons away and take her off the barstool. This brings an end to the silent game of wills and is replaced by angry toddler tears.

After letting her cry it out, I kneel down to talk to her about what just happened.

Me: Honey, when Mommy says ‘No,’ you have to listen. Mommy doesn’t want you to eat crayons. We don’t put crayons in our mouth.
Adrianna: [Nods head]
Me: Okay. Are you going to put the crayon in your mouth again?
Adrianna: Yesh.
Me: No sweetie. No crayons in your mouth. Are you going to put the crayon in your mouth again?
Adrianna: Yesh.

Is it possible to sigh and laugh at the same time? I think I just did.

Our Little Tree Frog – Scrapbook Pages

May 2005 Scrapbook Page
Credits: Country Delite Kit by Nana’s Attic; Template by Eva Kipler

Tree Frog
Credits: Good Morning Sunshine Kit by majula_designs; Template by Angela Niehaus

The Horse Hits the Hay

I guess she thought her horse needed a nap.
The Horse Hits the Hay

Bad Bee

Last night Adrianna woke up in the middle of the night with what we think was a nightmare. Greg went into her room and picked her up and asked her what was wrong. In a husky sleep-tinged voice she told us, “Bee. Ou-side. It hoits me. Tie-dow. Bee. Ou-side. Seed it.”

She kept repeating those words, so we think she had a bad dream about a bee, and perhaps a spider was involved somehow too. Poor girl.

Baby C’s

Almost every night as we are getting Adrianna ready for bed (aka night-nights), she will ask for “rock-rock” meaning she wants us to sit with her in our glider chair. She will then as for a gigglie (blanket) and we will spend some nice cuddle time together. Sometimes I think this is really just a stall tactic for her, which she is getting much better at these days. But it really is nice bonding time too.

When it is my turn to put her to bed, sometimes I will sing to her while we rock if she’ll let me. One of the songs she likes to request is the “Baby C’s” (ABC’s). Tonight her favorite song was My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. Each time the song would end, she would say, “Den!” (Again.) Soon she was singing along with me.

Bing back…to me.
Bing back. Bing back.
Bing back…to me.

And so it went. I was very impressed with how many words she sung along with me tonight. She enjoys singing and can often be found singing to herself. Mostly variants of the “Baby C’s,” E-I-E-I-O, or “Ocean.”

Another oft requested song is a variation I sing of Bingo.

Adrianna had a dog and Chloe was her name-o.
C-H-L-O-E. C-H-L-O-E. C-H-L-O-E.
And Chloe was her name-o.

But once I sing the Chloe song she then requests me to do it with Molly and sometimes Petey too. Good thing they all have five letter names or I might have to get creative.

I love singing with my girl. And not just to her, but now with her.

Daddy’s Hat

Adrianna found Daddy’s hat. She then proceeded to model it for me.
Daddy's HatDaddy's HatDaddy's HatDaddy's Hat

Visit with Juan & Jennifer Gomez

A few weeks ago, Kristy and I were contacted by a friend of ours who we haven’t seen since highschool. Juan and his wife, who live in Florida, were coming out to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and would be flying out of Denver, so we arranged to meet with them on Friday night. I am so glad we did. He was such a good friend to us in highschool and an important part of our lives. I enjoyed seeing him again and getting to meet his wife, Jennifer. We stayed up late reminiscing about the old days and about what we are all up to now. I was sad to have to say goodbye again, to both him and also to his wife who Kristy and I both instantly took a liking to. Greg and I may just have to make a trip down to Florida some time.

Amber Reimer, Juan Gomez, and Kristy Winders

Happy Father’s Day To Greggors

We got ourselves a new toy last night, just in time for Father’s Day. A new Toyota Rav4!
New Rav4New Rav4

This is something we had discussed getting for months now due to its safety features and the fact that it gets much better gas mileage than our minivan. We spent almost 6 hours at the dealership last night, even though we knew pretty much what we wanted. I think it is because we had some “must-haves” that took a little extra time finding the exact Rav4 that most closely met our needs.

Adrianna was quite a trooper even though we didn’t get home until close to midnight. We are excited about our Toyota Rav4. Now we just need to prepare our minivan for sale.

That Bear Just Won’t Behave

Adrianna's BearAdrianna’s favorite bear is extremely cuddly. But what makes him so huggable also makes him awfully floppy and unable to sit up on his own. Today I saw Adrianna trying to buckle him into a stroller but he wouldn’t sit up; his head kept flopping down on his chest. So she kept trying to straighten him up and was telling him very sternly, “Sit. Right there. Sit. Right there.” When he wouldn’t behave, she became very frustrated. Kinda like how I feel sometimes when dealing with a willful toddler with a mind of her own. I won’t mention any names.

Oh Toodles!

Mickey Mouse ClubhouseAdrianna’s favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel. She asks me quite often if she can watch “Mimi Mouse.” Thank goodness for tivo. This animated show is interactive, with the characters prompting the audience to count out loud or to say certain things at certain times while following different clues to solve puzzles. One of the phrases is, “Oh Toodles” which calls the Mousketools, which are various tools that will help Mickey and the gang solve their dilemmas. Adrianna doesn’t always follow the prompts, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t learning. Lately we have heard her call out, “Oh Toodles” during her play with her bears or from her crib.

At the end of each show, the characters all gather back at the clubhouse and dance and sing a song that goes, “Hot Dog. Hot Dog. Hot Diggety Dog.” Whatever that means. But Adrianna likes it and will say, “Hot Dog!”

She joined five words together in a sentence today at childcare. According to Janette, Adrianna said, “I want more mashed tatoes” at lunch time. She’s just like her daddy in her love for mashed potatoes.

Scrapbook Page

Scrapping pages of events that happened two years ago can be hard. I cannot remember everything that I was thinking at the time or what we were going through with Adrianna. Thank goodness for my blog; I have been blogging regularly for 3 years (and sporadically for a couple years prior to that on Greg’s drpeterjones site) so I can go back to posts from around the time a picture was taken to see if I blogged about that picture or about things that were happening around that same time. The journaling on this page is entirely taken from my blog from back in May 2005.

May 20, 2005 - Scrapbook Page
Credits: Lemon Squares Add-on Kit from Amy Watson

Fighting a Fever

Adrianna has been sick all weekend and today with a high fever. It has gotten as high as 104 but more often is 103 and 102. The fever reducers haven’t been helping much, which is unusual for her. Even though I do like the extra cuddles from her when she is sick, it is times like these that are the most difficult for me as a parent. Worry, worry, worry. The nights are especially hard and find me up every couple of hours to check her temperature or dole out medicine.

We ran her to the urgent care facility here on last night at about 12:45 a.m. only to find that they closed early even though, according to their website, we were there within their open hours. ARGH. That was frustrating. So we went back home and waited it out, knowing our regular doctor would be open today. I especially knew she was a pretty sick little girl when we were able to bring her to bed with us and she actually went right to sleep. Normally when we try to bring her to bed with us when she is sick she perks up and wants to bounce on the bed or play. So this was a first.

This morning at about 4:00 a.m. her fever finally broke. This left her feeling cold and clammy to the touch with a low temperature of only 97. So then I am freaking out the other way. How low is too low? I didn’t sleep much last night as I was too busy watching her sleep, panicking at every variation in her breathing patterns and taking her temperature every half hour to make sure it didn’t dip any lower.

When she finally woke up for the day around 8, her temperature was back to 99. Whew. This I could handle. I stayed home from work and we took it easy. But then she woke up from her nap crying, and her fever had spiked back to 103. I called the doctor and they squeezed us in right away. I love my doctor’s office for this.

They checked her out and no ear infection, no strep throat. The doctor’s next step was to check for a urinary tract infection, which isn’t uncommon for little girls. So here is something I never would have thought of prior to today. How do you take a urine sample from a toddler (or baby) who isn’t potty trained? It isn’t like you can just hand them a cup and send them to the bathroom to fill it up. Luckily they have a way though. They have this plastic bag that you stick to her little private parts inside her diaper and it is supposed to catch the pee. She cried when she peed; I think because it became uncomfortable. So then you have to squeeze the contents into the little jar. Fun. But at least they have a way and we could do it in the comfort of our own home and then just bring in the sample. And sure enough; the results indicate that she does have that infection.

We started the antibiotics tonight. She just woke up crying and we took her temperature and the fever has broken again – 98.2. Hooray! Greg is now upstairs rocking her in our glider chair. My poor baby girl.

Scrapbook Page

This is a page I made using a template from Jennilyn’s Cheater Challenge. The Kit is Amelie‘s Houra Kit.

May 2005 Scrapbook Page


So I just upgraded my version of WordPress from 2.0 to 2.2. Lots of changes with this new version. So much so that my old blog template design is not compatible with all the new gadgetry that the new version provides. *sigh* So I have a new design, although I see it needs some configuring as well. Gotta love upgrades. It will be worth it in the long run; this new versions has more bells and whistles that I am looking forward to exploring.