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What To Do When Water is Not Available

Adrianna loves to play with water. Specifically, she loves to play with water and transfer it from cup to cup. I don’t think a day goes by where she doesn’t ask if she can go outside and play with her cups and “wateh.”

Sometimes it is too chilly for her to play with water and of course she cannot play with water inside unless she is taking a bath. She doesn’t let this stop her though. She either uses the dogs’ water or when mean mommy puts that out of her reach, she makes her own water. Yes, my sweet baby girl somehow has learned that by spitting into her cups she has a few drips of water to play with. So spit she does. Or, if she has a sippy cup handy, she will intake the liquid into her mouth and spit it out into the play cups. Pbthhh!

New Scrapbook Page

Finally finished a new scrapbook page. This is from Adrianna’s first week home back in April 2005.
April 2005

Credits: Embellishments (flowers, ribbon, bow) from Misty Cato‘s Beautiful You Kit.

New Scrapbook Page

Finally finished a new scrapbook page. This is from Adrianna’s first week home back in April 2005.
April 2005

Credits: Embellishments (flowers, ribbon, bow) from Misty Cato‘s Beautiful You Kit.

The Ants Go Marching One by One

Hurrah, hurrah.

My parents were kind enough to watch our dogs while we were in Chicago this past weekend. I miss them quite a bit, especially after Adrianna eats dinner. We didn’t realize just how messy a toddler can be until we had to clean up the floor afterwards ourselves. Usually the dogs take care of that for us.

While we were gone, there were a few leftover dog food kibbles in the dogs’ food dish. This food dish must have a beacon on it that attracts young children, because Adrianna cannot resist playing with their food and water. Today while I was busy making dinner, she exclaimed, “Ants!” She knows an ant when she sees one, so I walked over to the dog’s dish to check it out and sure enough, there were ants in it. Lots of itty bitty black ants. I immediately washed the bowl’s contents, ants and all, down the sink and sprayed the line of ants on the floor.

I have been feeling phantom creepy crawlies all over my body ever since. *shudder*

There’s No Place Like Home

And we’re back. Whew, what a long day of traveling. Other than our flight being delayed a little because of rainy weather and then driving (crawling) through rainy, rush hour traffic, it was a relatively easy trip. Adrianna was very well behaved and slept for most of the plane ride. Even so, Greg and I are EXHAUSTED and are both already in bed even though it is not yet even 8:00. We need a vacation from our vacation.

We put Adrianna to bed but she is not ready to fall asleep yet and is just chattering away in her crib. I am sure her schedule will be off for a few days until we get back into our normal routines.

Adrianna was thrilled to ride on an airplane, train, and bus again. She also knows some new big words, including escalator (es-slayer), picnic (tit-nits), and Applebees (bappo-bees). She also talked about baby Charlie on our way home.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Adrianna got her wish to ride on a train, finally. Not only that, but she got to ride on a bus and an tairtlane (airplane) too, all in one day. So now our “Daddy, bye-bye, tairtlane” conversations have a new sentence to them.

Adrianna: “Daddy. Bye-bye. Tairtlane.”
Me: “That’s right. Daddy went bye-bye on an airplane. So did Mommy and Adrianna.”
Adrianna (with excitement): “Raw-ra too!!”

We left on Friday to fly out to Chicago to visit Jeff, Jess, and baby Charlie. This meant riding a shuttle bus from the far-away airport parking, the train at DIA to get to our terminal, and of course the air plane to take us to Chicago. All three modes of transportation were exciting for Adrianna.

Unfortunately our plane was delayed for 45 minutes. For a toddler who was already missing nap time because of the time we had to be at the airport, this was not a good thing. Greg and I took turns trying to keep her entertained. Once we got on the plane and the initial excitement of the tairtlane wore off, she prompty fell asleep. Which was what I had planned for her to do when I booked a mid-afternoon flight, so at least that still worked out, even if it was delayed and made our time at the airport difficult.

We have been having a great time so far. We were all looking forward to meeting baby Charlie for the first time. Adrianna really enjoys helping with her baby cousin “Chaw-ee.” He is such a smiley baby; always flashing his huge, toothless grin.

And when Charlie isn’t using his carseat or bouncy chair, Adrianna commissions them for her bears. She also has decided that her bears need shoes.

Adrianna and her bear

Yesterday we got to go to an Ikea for the first time. I really wish we had one near us in Colorado.

Today we went to downtown Chicago and had a picnic lunch at Grant Park. While we were enjoying our lunch, we were joined by two ducks looking for handouts. Adrianna liked feeding the “baby ducks.” (Every duck is called a “baby duck, probably due to her having two toy ducks at home that really are ducklings.”)
Amber and Charlie

After lunch, we took a walk near Lake Michigan. Adrianna is fascinated by water these days, so she really enjoyed seeing the fountain and the Great Lake. After the kids started getting tired, we went back to the van and drove around downtown Chicago before going to dinner. We went to Gino’s for dinner, which is the same pizza place my sisters and I stumbled across back in December. Although this might have been a different location. I never was able to decide for sure.

After the kids were put to bed tonight, we played Farkle. I won. 🙂

Looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow.

No Bye-Bye Tain This Week

Every day, Adrianna talks about how we went “Bye-bye tain. Zoo.” Since this was a couple months ago, it must have been an enjoyable experience for her. So I decided to take her back to the zoo on Tuesday specifically so we could ride the train again. Unfortunately, the train was broken. Poor Adrianna. I tried to tell her that the train was broken and I think she kind of understood. Our conversation for the rest of the day was, “Bye-bye tain. Bo-en.”

We did ride on the carousel. She was still too scared to ride on the animals, so we found a bench seat instead where she could sit on my lap.

Amber and Adrianna

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to try our luck with the train again. (We had been told on Tuesday that it would be fixed in a couple of days.) This time Greg went with us too. We headed straight for the train, only to be disappointed again. So we took another ride on the carousel. This time I coaxed Adrianna into riding on a bear. He didn’t go up and down and she would only sit on him if I sat behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, where she could then grasp my hands. But I think we are making progress.

The zoo is always a lot of fun for us. This season pass has been way worth it. I will definitely be renewing.

One highlight of the trip was when the zebras came really close to the front of the fence. They are such beautiful animals. Adrianna likes the “zedas” too. Unfortunately, one of them took that moment of closeness to poop, so Adrianna latched on to that for the remainder of the trip. We had several conversations about “Zeda. Poop. Mess.”

Zebra at the Denver Zoo

Tute Update

The morning after Adrianna got to wear her new, “tute” pajamas to bed, she was still excited about them. When I tried to change her into an outfit for the day, she sternly told me, “No, Mommy. Tute!” So I relented and let her continue to wear her cute nightgown. I was eventually able to get her dressed in regular clothes with the promise of a zoo trip later in the day.

Here is a picture of her new strawberry nightgown. Take special notice of her shoes. She loves mommy’s shoes. You may also see her pretty toenails. Also just like mommy’s, although I have to say that her feet are much more adorable and perfect.
Adrianna's new nightgown

Peanut Butter Kisses and Cuteness

Adrianna is such an affectionate girl. She is always giving us hugs and kisses. Today at lunch, she didn’t want to sit in her highchair to eat her peanut butter sandwich. Instead, she wanted to sit on the couch with me. So we sat together. As she ate, she leaned over several times to plant peanut butter kisses on my lips.

We recently bought Adrianna a new pair of pajamas. Tonight was the first time she got to wear them. She kept pointing at her new red and white strawberry covered nightgown and saying, “Tute. tute.” Apparently she thinks it is as cute as we do.

8 Random Things

So I was tagged by Julie from And Katie Makes 3 to post 8 random things about me. I feel so special. 🙂 But now I need to think of some “interesting” and random things about myself. Hmmmm…

Well, I will do my best to put some random things here that I haven’t discussed too much on my blog. Some may be familiar to you, but hopefully there will be a couple things that you don’t know about me.

  1. I am scared of bears. I used to have nightmares about bears on a regular basis. The scenarios were often the same; herds of bears roaming my neighborhood and breaking into houses. They were always either grizzly bears or polar bears. Thankfully I do not have these scary dreams as frequently as I used to, but I still worry sometimes when we are hiking or camping up in the mountains.
  2. I love my laptop and wireless connection. I can be online anywhere in the house. I am in the bathroom right now. I know, eww…gross, right?
  3. I have only had stitches three times in my life. Once when I got my wisdom teeth out, once immediately after Adrianna was born, and once after I had surgery for several umbilical hernias (from labor).
  4. I dislocated my knee while singing, only 10 minutes before leaving for my highschool graduation. After a hospital trip and a lot of morphine later, I made it to graduation. I hobbled down the aisle with a big brace on my leg and was still able to sing my songs that I was scheduled to perform. I wasn’t nervous at all, thanks to the morphine. I don’t remember much of the ceremony. I do remember being sad that I couldn’t dance at the square dance that was held afterwards. (Hey, square dances are fun! My favorite is the Virginia Reel. And this WAS Wyoming after all.)
  5. I turn 30 this year. That makes me feel old.
  6. I dated two cowboys, two policemen, and one “Musselman” before finding the love of my life, a musician.
  7. When I am in my car alone, I like to sing my heart out. Sometimes I pretend I am on American Idol. (But I know I could never actually BE on American Idol because I am too uncoordinated and am not a good dancer AT ALL.)
  8. Greg thinks I have a crush on Ewan McGregor, Colin Firth, or Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek). I don’t really of course, but I really do like Ewan in The Island and his singing in Moulin Rouge, I like Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice (and his British accent), and I have never seen anyone make playing the mandolin look so cool and rock out like Chris Thile.

So now it’s my turn to tag I guess. Okay, Karen, Cindy, Janis, Jamie, Jen, and Jen. Your turn!

Karen’s Birthday and Vedauwoo

This past weekend we drove up to Wyoming to celebrate Karen’s 25th birthday. The whole family was there except for Brian and Ebony who are in Hawaii.

One of the first orders of business was enjoying the swimming pool. Here is Adrianna squealing with glee after I splashed her with water.


Afterwards, we had grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, along with a walk to a nearby park where Karen, Zach, and I had a shoe-flipping contest. I am still the reigning champ. (We have had shoe-flipping contests since we were kids; they consist of swinging on the swings and seeing who can flip their shoes the farthest.)

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Vedauwoo (pronounced Vee-da-voo). Vedauwoo is an area in southeastern Wyoming with amazing rock formations. It is just beautiful. Here are some of my favorite photos. (More photos can be found in my Picasa account.)











Greg is having a guys’ night here tonight, so Adrianna and I have been banished. Which is okay, because we are enjoying the gorgeous evening outside. And actually, he didn’t really banish us. He even said we could partake of all the yummy snacks he made (7 layer dip, pizza rolls, a fruit tray, and some yummy cheesy beef dip), but I figured us girls would do our best to make ourselves scarce so they could do whatever it is guys like to do when there aren’t any females around. So far it sounds like it consists of playing loud rock music and playing video games. Actually, I think the loud music is FROM the video game (Guitar Hero). Fun!

I have my turn for a girls’ night next Friday night with a bunch of my old coworkers. There will probably be similar loud music with just a little less metal, but I am guessing there will be more chit-chatting about work and family than video games.

Beautiful Day

Thank you all for your prayers for Karen. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is going to stay with my other sister, Cindy, when Zach is out of town for his pharmacy school rotation. She goes to see a neurologist next week for further tests.

Today is a beautiful day. Adrianna and I are outside in our backyard. She is happily playing with a large bowl of water and several cups while I am on my laptop. We are happily chattering away about tairtanes, bees, ants, and wawa. We have also entered the questioning stage full force, and everything is, “Dat Mommy? Dat Mommy?” (What’s that?) We also are starting to hear, “Mommy, wats. Mommy, wats.” (Mommy, watch.)

The dogs are happy to be outside as well. Chloe is busy exploring the yard and Molly is content to sit beside me on the step and just let her nose explore the breeze. We discovered this year that there is a lilac bush in our backyard. I don’t remember it blooming before this year. It smells wonderful, even from across the yard. I think I am really going to enjoy this summer.

Another Seizure

Karen had another seizure this morning. This time she was home alone when it happened, but luckily her husband Zach called her not long after it happened. (Zach was in Fort Collins, starting his rotation for pharmacy school.) He could tell that she was confused and not herself, so he immediately called my other sister, Cindy, to take her to the hospital. The doctors were able to determine that Karen had another seizure. We think it happened around seven in the morning, but she doesn’t remember anything. She woke up with blood on her face and there was a pool of blood on the floor. She has a bump on her nose and something that appears to be rug burn on her face, so we think she fell off of the couch (where she had been sleeping) onto the floor and got a bloody nose in the midst of the seizing.

Karen is doing better tonight, but she has to stay in the hospital overnight because a CAT scan showed blood on her brain. Since this is her second seizure, the doctors are advising that she needs to take medication for them now. I am here at the hospital with her now, along with Mom and Zach. Cindy was here most of the day too. I am glad I live close enough to drive up here and be with everyone right now.

Playing with Water & Play-Doh

Adrianna enjoys digging in the kitchen drawers and pulling out my measuring cups and spoons. She finds them to be great entertainment. Often times, the dogs’ water bowl is involved even though she knows that it drives me crazy and it isn’t allowed.

Playing with Measuring Cups Playing with Measuring Cups

Since she enjoys water so much and likes transferring water from bowl to bowl or cup to cup, on Thursday I decided to fill a big mixing bowl full of CLEAN water (not DOG water!) and we went outside so she could play with the water to her little heart’s content. And play she did. By the time we were done about an hour later, the bowl was almost empty of water and her clothes and our sidewalk were very wet.

Playing with Water Playing with Water

Afterwards, we went out to Red Lobster for dinner with my mom, dad, and Brian.

On Friday, I bought Adrianna her first set of Play-Doh.

First Set of Play-Doh First Set of Play-Doh
First Set of Play-Doh First Set of Play-Doh

And today, she played video games (Katamari Damacy) with Greg. Just don’t tell her that it is a one-player game so that her controller really wasn’t controlling anything.

Playing Video Games Playing Video Games