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More Sentence Progression

Adrianna said her longest intelligible sentence today. Actually, it was two sentences together.

Greg was playing his banjo when Adrianna approached him and said, “Daddy chi-chinge. Poop’s a mess.”

Translation: Daddy, I need a diaper change. I have poop, and poop is a mess.

She was correct. She did need a diaper change and poop is a mess.

Poop is a mess” has been one of her favorite sentences for a month now. She is also good at asking for diaper changes, although this is the first time she has strung the two statements together. Her other favorites are still “bye-bye tain” and “Daddy bye-bye tair-tain.” I think we still have these conversations on a daily basis.

Mimi Mouse

Yesterday evening we decided to go out to eat for dinner. At first, Adrianna did not want to cooperate with me when I tried to put a new dress on her. But once I showed her who was on the dress, she was more than happy to let me put it on her as she excitedly exclaimed and pointed, “Mimi Mouse!” (Mimi Mouse can be either Mickey or Minnie Mouse.)

Adrianna's new dress

We went to Applebees for dinner. They had helium balloons there, so we got one for Adrianna. She loves balloons and enjoyed bopping the balloon up and down as we waited for our food. Unfortunately after awhile, the string came off of the balloon so it floated up to the ceiling. Poor Adrianna. This surprised and upset her greatly and she cried quite a bit over it. Real tears. So I took her outside until she calmed down. After a good cry, she did calm down but she could not get the balloon out of her mind and kept talking about the “boon.” When we went back inside, her eyes were immediately riveted back up to the ceiling. The balloon was still there, but she was okay with it.

It was still light out when we were done, so we decided to go to a park. Adrianna enjoyed running around and going down the slides. I enjoyed some time on the swings.
The evening was closed with yummy ice cream from Dairy Queen.

These are my some of my favorite moments. Spending time as a family and watching Adrianna have a good time playing.

Adrianna's new dress

Mommy’s House & Daddy’s House

Adrianna enjoys playing in her house. She likes it even more when we join her in the house. When she wants me to come into the house, she calls it “Mommy’s house.” If she wants Daddy to come in, it becomes “Daddy’s house.” She will then hold the door flap open to encourage us to enter.

Adrianna's House

I love her new smiles that she flashes for the camera!


She really does look a lot like Greg when she smiles like this.


Jury Duty – Part 3

Today was my jury duty for the county. I had a feeling I was going to be called to serve. Sure enough, I was one of 6 chosen to serve.

I was very nervous, but also felt more confident in what would be expected of me after my experiences from my last jury summons a couple of weeks ago. One of the questions posed to the potential jurors was in regards to the defendant’s right to remain silent (one of the rules of the law) and would that make it hard for us to judge the case. While we all agreed that it could make us wonder why the defendant would choose not to testify on his own behalf but also that everyone was innocent until proven guilty, when the question was asked of me I told the judge that, whether the defendant testified or not, it was really up to the prosecution to convince us of the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt anyways. The judge then asked everyone, by a show of hands, to indicate if they agreed with my statement or not. Not everyone raised their hand, but I felt pretty proud of myself when the judge then said that I was absolutely correct and she used my statement as a segue into talking about the next rule of law in how it is the prosecution’s job to convince the jury, etc.

So while I was glowingly happy about my right answer, in the back of my mind I was wondering if I had helped seal my fate to be chosen for service… (I was asked other questions too and did okay on them as well, although my stomach jumped every time they called on me.)

It was actually a great experience. I took the responsibility very seriously. While I am allowed to talk about the case openly now, I do not feel comfortable putting most of the details online here. But I will say that the six of us arrived at a “Not Guilty” sentence for the defendant. After hearing all of the testimony and the cases put forth by the district attorney and the defense, we unanimously decided that we were not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty of the crime he was accused of. I felt our jury deliberations were really good. We all discussed our thoughts about the case and why we all came to the conclusion we did, and it was clear that we were all on the same page.

The relief on the defendant’s face when he received the “Not guilty” verdict was awesome. You could see his lawyer was happy for him too as she patted his arm. It made me feel even better about our decision. I don’t have any qualms about the verdict we reached based on the evidence that was presented to us.

My fellow jurors were all such interesting people. I enjoyed talking to each of them. There was only one other girl on the jury and she was about my age and has a 3 month old son at home. I especially enjoyed talking to her and kinda regret that I didn’t get any contact information from her since she lives not far from me.

All in all, I would say (now that it is done!) that this was a rather enjoyable experience. I also learned a lot about the process. TV certainly doesn’t show the boring parts of a trial, such as the jury selection process which takes hours (or days if it is a murder trial, which some of the other jurors there today were being selected for).

And lucky Greggor; the juror number on his summons for tomorrow ended up not being called. So he gets to skip out on his service this time.

New Scrapbook Pages – April 2005

I finished two new scrapbook pages from April 20-21, 2005. I have insane amount of pictures from Adrianna’s first year, so I think most of my layouts are going to be ones that incorporate as many pictures on a page as possible.
April 20, 2005

April 21, 2005

New Scrapbook Pages – April 2005

I finished two new scrapbook pages from April 20-21, 2005. I have insane amount of pictures from Adrianna’s first year, so I think most of my layouts are going to be ones that incorporate as many pictures on a page as possible.
April 20, 2005

April 21, 2005

Adrianna’s Second Birthday

Today is Adrianna’s second birthday. We had a little party for her over at our neighbor’s house with all her little friends from childcare.

One of the first things we did was have Adrianna blow out two candles on her cake. It took a few attempts, but she got them out on her own. Then it was time to dig into the chocolate cake we had bought for her. All the kids really enjoyed the cake. Adrianna liked it so much that she ended up wearing some of it.
Blowing out the candlesChocolate Cake!

The biggest hit of the day was the helium balloon we got for Adrianna. She played with it most of the afternoon and evening. She loves her “boon.” But no matter how cool a new toy may be, there is always time to cuddle a bear too.
Adrianna's new balloon

Another gift Adrianna received for her birthday is a playhouse. We actually gave it to her last week. She enjoys playing in this house quite a bit. One of the first things she did was drag most of her toys into the house. Sometimes she will invite us to come in and join her by opening the door and beckoning to us while saying, “In.” I am taking advantage of the invites, because I know someday she will be a teenager with a sign on her door that says “Keep Out.”
Adrianna's New House Adrianna's House

Adrianna also got a present in the mail from her Grammy and her Grampy. She insisted on wearing the shorts on her head.

Adrianna's new outfit Adrianna's New Outfit

Since it was her birthday, we let her choose what we were going to have for dinner. She wanted “ghe-ee” so we got spaghetti from Fazoli’s. All in all, it was a fun day. I cannot believe my baby is 2 years old.

More birthday pictures can be found in my Picasa Web Album.

Update: Here is a video of Adrianna singing “Happy Birthday to You.”

Spider Story

Yesterday Adrianna started crying frantically while she was sitting in her high chair and I was in the other room. It wasn’t one of her garden-variety, got a boo-boo on the finger cries, but rather a something-is-going-horribly-wrong cries. I ran into the room and found that there was a spider crawling around on my poor little baby girl.

To put this into perspective, she runs away from ants on the concrete if they get too close. Anyway, it was one of those common house spiders that can run at insane speeds, and it was using Adrianna for a race track.

When the whole ordeal was over, I don’t know if Adrianna was more tramautized by the spider, or by her spastic dad who was frantically swatting and brushing the spider away.

Sadly, the spider didn’t survive the incident.

To Adrianna On Her 2nd Birthday

Today you turn two years old. I am having a hard time believing it. Where did my little baby go? When did she turn into a little girl?

I remember when you were a baby, how I would just love to watch you pump your little legs and arms. I would look at you and wish out loud that you would never change or grow up. I would try to make deals with you, saying that I would be happy to change your diapers for the rest of your life if only you could stay just as you were. A sweet, innocent baby.

But of course you continued to grow up. And I would find myself continuing to wish with each new stage that you wouldn’t.

On the other hand though, I have enjoyed each new milestone you reach even more than the last. I love how you can communicate with me now. Nothing in the world thrills me more than when you see me and run to me, with your arms open wide, as your sweet little voice yells, “Mommy! Mommy!” It makes me feel like the most important and lucky person in the world.

And you are such a loving little girl. Forever hugging and cuddling your Daddy and me. Pulling our faces close to yours so you can give us kisses. Patting our shoulders gently as we hold you. Crawling into my lap and asking me to read you a book. I truly am the luckiest person alive to have such a loving daughter.

I also enjoy watching you become your own person. You observe so much about the world around you; even things we do not realize that you are watching. I feel like I am amazed every day at how bright and quick you are as you pick up and learn new words and new things.

And once again, I find myself wishing for you to not grow up. I want you to stay as you are, forever. I would still be happy to change your diapers for all the years to come if you would only stay just as you are today.

Yet I know I will love the next stage you reach just as much, if not even more.

I loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant with you. That love continues to grow each and every day. I thank God for giving me such an abundant blessing and for entrusting me with such a precious gift: you.

Why Horses and Stairs do not Mix

Here is a post that will surely add me to the list of “worst moms in the world.” At least I sure felt like the worst mom when this incident occurred.

1976 Fisher Price HorseAdrianna has a little horse with wheels that she likes to play with. It was actually mine when I was her age. Mostly she uses it to let her babies, bears, walrus, zebras, or other favorite toys to ride it and go “bye-bye.” Though she often sits on and plays with this horse, she never really rode it around much herself. Until yesterday.

Lynette and I were upstairs talking as I printed out my tax forms, in preparation of mailing them off to the IRS (finally!). Adrianna was upstairs with us, playing with the horse. I didn’t really think too much about her playing with the horse nor did I think about the stairs. We usually trust her with the stairs these days because they are carpeted, there is a landing half-way down, and she has gotten pretty good at maneuvering up and down them. It never crossed my mind that she would attempt to ride the horse down them.

And here is where I feel like the worst parent in the world. We heard a loud thump, thump, and instantly my heart started pounding as I ran to the stairs. There was my little girl on the landing, underneath the horse. Thank goodness for that landing half-way down or she really would have taken a tumbling! I immediately flew down those stairs. I was SO scared! What if she was seriously hurt? My worst fears were quickly relieved when she quickly got up and walked over to me, crying. I felt like crying too. So after holding her, I checked her over for bumps, bruises, or broken bones. I am glad toddlers are so resilient.

And then my little girl did something that we can all take a life lesson from. She got right back on that horse. Never mind that she then wanted to ride the horse down the second set of stairs…

The horse lives downstairs now.

Jury Duty – Part 2

My jury duty experience today was interesting. After filling out a questionaire, myself and three other potential jurors had to meet with the judge and explain why, on a previous occasion, we did not respond to a jury summons. What the heck?! I told the judge that I had no recollection of ever receiving a prior summons for the city. (My only other summons prior to today was for the county and I had shown up.) Another man plead the same case. Two others admitted that they had just forgotten to show up. At any rate, I was not happy to have this on my record when I am innocent of the charges. Maybe I should go to trial over the accusation? Maybe not.

After a long wait, during which I enjoyed reading my book The Last Unicorn, we were all called into the court room where we were sworn in. We were then told a panel of 12 would be randomly selected by a computer to move into the jury box for further questioning by the prosecution and the defense.

I was greatly relieved that I was not one of the 12.

Those of us not chosen still had to remain and watch the questioning in case we were needed. Watching them get questioned made me even more thankful that I was not chosen. I am not good at answering questions when put on the spot and nervous besides.

The judge and one of the attorneys also spoke of how a juror needs to put aside any prejudices, sympathy, or personal feelings in order to give a fair trial. The jury has to only consider the evidence and arguments put forth against the defendant. They gave some examples.

Example 1:

For a DUI case, a judge might tell the jury that there are three things that must be proven before a person can be considered guilty of a DUI.

  1. Was he driving?
  2. Was an accurate test taken to determine alcohol level?
  3. Was the alcohol level above the legal limit?

If any of the three cannot be proved by the prosecution, then there is, by law, reasonable doubt and a guilty verdict should not be given.

This was really difficult for me. So even if you know the defendant is guilty (or rather think you know), if the prosecution is unable to fully prove in court that the criteria set forth by the law was met, then there is reasonable doubt.

The sympathy thing especially would be hard for me to be impartial.

Example 2:

Suppose the DUI case from example 1 involved the death of the driver’s child? When they got up on the stand, they showed obvious remorse. They feel awful about what happened to their child and are very sorry. Aren’t they suffering enough with their guilt over the loss of their beloved child?

Again, taking out all sympathy, you have to go back to the criteria set forth by the law only.

  1. Was he driving?
  2. Was an accurate test taken to determine alcohol level?
  3. Was the alcohol level above the legal limit?

If all of the three were able to be proven by the prosecution, then the person is guilty. It would then be up to the judge to hopefully take the defendant’s remorse into consideration when handing out the sentencing. The jury’s only job is to impartially determine guilt or innocence of the defendant.

After the questioning, one juror was told she could leave. I am pretty sure it was because of her obviously strong Christian beliefs. So when she was replaced by another potential juror who, after questioning, turned out to have equally strong Christian beliefs and perhaps was even more outspoken about it, I chuckled a bit to myself.

The prosecution asked the new juror if his religious beliefs would interfere with being on the jury, saying that some people with strong religious beliefs do not like to stand in judgment of others. He said that yes, he could serve as an impartial juror.

This new potential juror was quite a guy. He even had the Bible with him as his reading material (we all had reading material for the long waits). The prosecution mentioned a case where the Bible was used to determine someone’s guilt and how that could not stand as the criteria to determine guilt since it has to be the U.S. law only. That conviction then was thrown out because of that. So the prosecution then asked the new potential juror if he would be okay with using the U.S. law to determine innocence or guilt.

What the potential juror replied with impressed me very much. He said that he could judge based on the law but only if it did not go against God’s laws. Wow. If only I could have the courage to stand so strong like that.

After the 12 were questioned, the prosecution and the defense were allowed to choose three people each to not serve on the jury. Then we were all dismissed.

Well, one jury duty done and one more to go this month for me.

Jury Duty

I have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow for my city. As luck would have it, I am also called to report for jury duty in a week and a half from now for the state of Colorado. Even stranger; Greg is called for jury duty the following day for the state of Colorado. What are the chances? It isn’t like we recently registered to vote either. We have both been registered for the state of Colorado for several years now. Hmmm…

Tomorrow will be the second time I have had to report for jury duty. The first time, which was for the state of Colorado a couple years ago, had me and a bunch of other potential jurors wait in a room for 4 hours and then we were told the trial had been canceled so we could all go home.

The information regarding tomorrow’s jury duty recommends bringing reading material due to potential long periods of waiting. I am actually excited about this (and thankful for the recommendation). Time to myself to read a book! And I don’t even have to shut myself in the bathroom to get it! Maybe I will even finish the book I have been reading for the past couple of months.

I used to consume books in just days but lately I find it takes me a lot longer to finish a book now. It might be due to the fact that I have a toddler who also likes to read. So I guess I am still reading a lot of books, but most of them now consist of fluffy bunnies, puppies, rhymes, and other various storylines that appeal to small children. I am looking forward to reading a grown-up book tomorrow.

Easter 2007

We drove to Kansas to spend Easter with Greg’s family.

Grammy helped Adrianna color and put stickers on some hard-boiled eggs.
Grammy and Adrianna

We had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon. It was cold outside so the Easter Bunny visited and left presents indoors instead. This was Adrianna’s first easter egg hunt and she got the hang of it right away. Although I am pretty sure she was enjoying the hunt for candy, she wore a serious expression on her face the entire time. Hunting for Easter eggs takes concentration!
Adrianna's Easter Egg Hunt

Adrianna has started smiling for the camera. The smiles she flashes on cue are different than her normal grins and oh-so-adorable. She squints up her eyes and looks so much like Greg when she does it.

Adrianna's new smile

Adrianna's new smile

Adrianna’s First Train Ride

Adrianna and I went to the zoo with Janette and all the kids from her childcare last Thursday. As usual, it was a fun trip. Adrianna saw the train as we were walking around and told me that she wanted to go, “Bye-bye. Tain.”

We first went on the carousel. Her little friend, Lily, had gone on the carousel and loved it so I figured Adrianna would enjoy it too. I was wrong. She clung to me and did not want to stay on the zebra that I put her on. It was hard to hold her since the zebra went up and down as the carousel went round and round. I finally picked her up and just stood on the carousel and held her since she didn’t want to ride on the stationary animals either. She did ask for “Pat Pat Pause” though.

We rode the train next. She liked that much better, even though she did insist on sitting in my lap rather than on the seat. She exclaimed several times that we were going “Bye-bye. Tain.” One week later, she is still talking about how we went bye-bye on a tain.

Adrianna meets a ground squirrel

Adrianna’s Oh No’s

I put Adrianna in her crib this afternoon so she could take a nap. As she often does, she chattered happily to her bears for awhile after I left the room. Some time had passed when I heard her chatters clearly become, “Oh nooo. Oh nooo. Oh nooo.”

Her “Oh-no’s” can mean just about anything; dropping a piece of food off her highchair, throwing her bear out of the crib, etc. But I thought I had better peek into the room just to make sure everything was okay.

As I looked around the corner, there was my little girl, standing up in her crib, completely naked. Her diaper and clothes had been tossed to the floor. As I opened the door, she pointed to her bedding, still saying, “Oh nooo.”

And oh yes, my little girl had made a mess. Thankfully only the peeing kind and not a whole lot of that, but enough to warrant a bedding change as well as a prompt extraction from the crib to put on a new diaper. She never did end up taking a nap, though I tried valiantly (and frustratedly) to keep trying and hoping she would fall asleep. I know I sure wanted a nap.

Isn’t it amazing how many of my posts are about messes these days?