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Back to School

Back to school. Back to school. To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight! Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Well, here goes nothing!

So I am in the process of enrolling for some classes again at Colorado Christian University, pursuing a degree in Management of Information Systems. Last time I tried to go back to school I got pregnant only a few classes into the year so I didn’t get very far. I told Greg that we should take bets on that happening again…

Toddler Toothpaste

Adrianna and I went to Target today. I was hoping to buy some stuff for the house. Who was I kidding when I thought I would actually be able to browse through the store with a toddler in tow? Adrianna was content to sit in the stroller with her bear for about 10 minutes and then off came her shoes and her socks. I could not keep her little bottom on the seat, even though she was securely strapped in. So we bought a couple necessities and were done. So much for MY wish list.

The Target near our house has large, red balls sitting outside the entry ways. Adrianna always gets excited when she sees them. “Ball!” She was so excited that I think the whole store must have heard her exclamation.

One of the things I bought today was some toddler toothpaste, since our supply at home was almost gone. Adrianna was very pleased that she got to hold the “peepace.” She promptly opened the box and enjoyed putting the tube back in the box and taking it out again, over and over, while announcing, “Peepace. Peepace.” No amount of me saying “toothpaste” would deter her from her pronunciation.

New Scrapbook Pages

These are from the night before Adrianna was born in April of 2005. These are posted in my scrapbook gallery as well.
Scrapbook Page April 19, 2005

New Scrapbook Pages

These are from the night before Adrianna was born in April of 2005. These are posted in my scrapbook gallery as well.
Scrapbook Page April 19, 2005

Dancing Baby – Year 2

A year ago today, I posted a video of Adrianna dancing. What a difference a year makes. She has grown up so much!

Here is a reposting of that video, along with a current video of her dancing.

Adrianna dancing – 10 months old
Adrianna dancing – 22 months old

A Girl of Many Words

Adrianna is getting more adept at putting words together now. Instead of pointing out body parts “buh-bow” (eyebrow) or various household objects and naming them, it is now “Daddy buh-bow” or “Rah-rah shoe” (Adrianna’s Shoe) or “Mayee eye” (Molly’s eye).

When she puts words together that have different vowel sounds I can see her little mind working and sometimes the words don’t come out quite as clearly when strung together even though I know she can say them very clearly if only using one word. Last night she said, “Nigh-Nigh Daddy.” She tried to say it more than once but sometimes it would come out as “Nigh-Nigh-Nigh” or “Nigh-Nigh-Digh” even though I know she can say “Nigh-Nigh” and “Daddy” very well. She did get it out pretty clearly a couple times. I guess it will just take practice as her tongue learns to form the different sounds over time.

And even as more and more words become clearer, it seems like she babbles more than ever before too. If you listen to her, it is very clear by her voice that she is actually “talking” and trying to convey information to us even if the words don’t make any sense yet. I think she is going to be like me; a bit shy at first but very talkative once she feels comfortable with someone.

I am also proud of how well she understands so much of what we say. Today I came home from work and saw that her hair was up in a ponytail. I said, “Pretty Hair” and she reached up and touched the ponytail and said, “Neh-ee.” Her childcare provider, Nette, had fixed her hair that way. I love that we can “converse” now. 🙂

Boulder, New Furniture, and a Slide

Sometimes I feel like my posts are so random that I just cannot come up with a descriptive title…

On Saturday, my friend Kristy drove up to Denver and we had a much needed girls’ night. We went and saw Catch and Release. It is totally a chick flick, so I am sure Greg is glad he didn’t have to go see it with me. Kristy thought I was weird that I was rooting for the not-as-hot-but-still-very-good-looking friend to get the girl rather than the totally hot guy that the movie sets you up to hate (because at first he looks like a jerk) and then you are supposed to end up loving and want him to win by the end. Oh well. I should have known better. This is standard chick flick fare after all. I still liked it though; I always like Jennifer Garner movies.

The movie was set in Boulder, so after it was done we felt a strong desire to drive to Boulder to the Pearl Street Mall. So we did, and ate a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory.

BedAfter church on Sunday, Greg, Adrianna, and I went to Amish Showcase to look at bedroom furniture. We have been married 7 years and are still living with an old dresser that Greg found (for free I think) in his college days and it is just falling apart now. We also have Dressernever gotten around to actually buying a bed for our mattress, so it has been resting on the floor. I have been wanting bedroom furniture for a long time. We found a set that we both agreed on and are having it done with a pretty maple wood. It is beautiful. We have to wait 8-12 weeks before it will be delivered to us since they have to actually make it yet. Adrianna loved their glider/rocker chairs and must have tried every single chair out at least twice during the time we were there.

On Tuesday, Adrianna and I had a playdate with the other moms and kids from my MOPS group. We all met at a rec center that has this AMAZING play area for kids. I loved it. Everything was soft and all the play equipment was enclosed so kids couldn’t fall off. The room itself was also walled off so kids couldn’t easily wander off. Such a great thing for a worrier like me. Adrianna really liked the slide. At first she was too scared to venture too far in the play area by herself, but when I climbed in and helped her across the rope bridges, she started getting braver.


Tuesday night was a scrapbooking night at my church. I wish I had a larger scanner so I could scan in the traditional pages that I have made these past couple of weeks. I am on 2003! Everything before 2003 is done and 2004 is done (digitally). Maybe someday I will get caught up. Haha. I try and tell myself that, but then I remember the fact that in 2005 I probably took more pictures than the previous 10 years all combined. I guess that happens when your first child is born.


She still holds her toy camera backwards when taking pictures.

Adrianna takes a picture

Adrianna Opening A Gift

I mentioned a couple posts ago about Adrianna’s strange habit of handing me each scrap of wrapping paper before continuing to unwrap her gift. Here it is on video: Adrianna opens a Christmas gift. At the end, after she has handed me the last piece, you will hear her give a big “Thanks!”

Diaper Disaster

Or rather, a “no diaper” disaster.

Saturday morning, Adrianna let us sleep in a little longer than normal. And when she finally did awake, she didn’t sound impatient to be out of her crib so Greg and I relaxed awhile before going in to her room. This turned out to be a huge mistake.

When Adrianna finally started fussing, I went in to get her up. I wasn’t shocked to find that she was completely naked; she often takes her diaper off when she gets impatient for us to come in. But this particular morning I was confronted with an awful smell as I opened her door. There was a pile of poo in the middle of her crib. It hadn’t come from her diaper. It was obvious that this poo came along after her diaper had been removed.

Thankfully she hadn’t smeared it around too badly, but there was a little on her hands, her blankets, and most of her stuffed animals. I immediately called for Greg and picked Adrianna up, holding her out from me at arms’ length as I ran her to the bathroom for a much needed bath. Greg took care of the mess in her room.

I was nervous about how to clean up her stuffed animals, especially her beloved bear. A simple sponge bath would not cut it. After doing some reading online, I decided to put them through the delicate cycle on our washing machine. They rode it out inside knotted pillowcases and all seem to be just fine. The elephant, which was mine when I was a little girl, did have a lopsided face afterwards. He must have a different kind of stuffing. After some reshaping, he looks okay now too. And Adrianna’s teddy bear smells oh-so-good now. He needed a bath anyways.

Surprisingly, her Pooh bear was the only animal who made it out of the crib absolutely “poo” free.

Finally Christmas

We finally were able to get everyone together, on a weekend without snow, to celebrate our family Christmas. The only ones who couldn’t make it were Brian, Nga, and Ebony.

It was a full house, but it was a lot of fun. We played MadGab and Scattergories in between taking care of Aidan, Layla, and Adrianna. Adrianna enjoyed playing with her baby cousins.

Adrianna and Layla

She is such a good helper and she mimicks everything. After she saw her cousins getting their diapers changed, she went and got one of her baby dolls and changed its diaper.


Adrianna got a toy camera and a toy duck from Karen and Zach and a Mrs. Potato Head from Cindy and Kendall. Once again she started opening off the wrapping one small piece at a time. She would say “Me” and hand each small piece to me before ripping off another. Not sure where she picked this habit up or what she was saying.

She has been playing with all three toys a lot. She keeps trying to stick the Mrs. Potato Head ears in HER ears or she’ll hold the tongue or lips between her lips, which looks really funny. She also holds the camera backwards when taking “pictures.”

I got X-Men 3 and Pride and Prejudice from my Secret Santa (Zach) and Greg got a coffee mug set and SonVolt CD from his (Kendall). My mom even played with my hair for a long time, which I just love. I had Karen and got her a bunch of scrapbook stuff and Greg had Cindy and he got her a Scattergories game and some scrapbook stuff.

It was worth the wait.

Rock Rock & More Pat Pat Pause

This morning, Adrianna was awake and quietly sitting up in her crib when I peaked into her room before leaving for work around 6:00 a.m. When she spotted me, she immediately and excitedly stood up and said, “ah ah” (rock rock) so I picked her up and we walked into our loft area and sat together in the glider chair. She then whispered “pat pat pause” as we rocked together. Everytime I tried to quit the pat pat pause, she would reach back and pat her little bottom while whispering “pat pat pause.”

After awhile, she started ever-so-gently patting my arm as we snuggled together. From time to time, she would lift her head up and look at me and whisper “nose” while pointing at my nose. Then she would whisper it again and point to her nose. Or “buh-bow” (eyebrow) or chin.

We rocked for about 20 minutes. I love these sweet, cuddly moments with her.

She likes the glider chair during daytime hours too. She will often rock her babies, bears, or Little People Animals.

Adrianna and her babies

We had a couple extra glider chairs here that were my Grandma’s (until today when my brother drove them up to my parents’ house in his truck). Adrianna was sometimes very particular about which chair I should sit in. Last night I was sitting in the blue one when Adrianna decided she wanted to sit there. So she came over and tugged at my shirt to “encourage” me to get up so she could sit down. I didn’t get up.

She went to the other chair and kept gesturing towards it and pointing at me. She wanted me to sit in the other chair. I didn’t get up.

So then she tried another ploy. She said, “Dance” and tried to get me up. So I got up and picked her up so we could dance. She immediately wanted down and ran over to the chair that I had now vacated. I ran over too and sat down before she could. She tried the dance idea again but this time I wasn’t fooled.

What a sneaky girl.

Snow and Sixties

This past Tuesday was so beautiful, almost seventy degrees. Adrianna and I enjoyed playing outside. The snow is still here, but thankfully a lot of it finally had a chance to melt.
Adrianna plays in the snow

Let the Manipulation Begin

It is amazing to me how quickly Adrianna is learning how to manipulate us. She’s so sneaky!

Here are some of the ways she tries to keep us in her room or call us back to her room at bedtime.

  1. She’ll hand me a stuffed animal and instruct me to “ting.” I then have to sing a song with that stuffed animal dancing along her crib rail. Then I have to repeat this with each stuffed animal and baby doll that happens to reside in her crib that night, which can vary from four to nine.
  2. As we leave the room, she will throw out one of her animals or her sippy cup. She will then cry pitifully for it until we come back in and hand it back to her. “Beee!” “Wa-wa!” “Beahhh!” “Bay-bee!” “Tsa-tsa!”
  3. She will sadly call “Mommy” or “Daddy” as if her little heart is breaking.
  4. She will call to “Mayee” (Molly)
  5. She will lay down and request that we cover her up with a blanket and do “Pat Pat Pause.” Over and Over.
  6. And her new one that she even woke me up several times last night for is “Ah-ah” which means Rock-Rock. This is her way of saying that she wants to sit with me in a rocking chair and rock.
  7. Another new one is she will ask for a “chi-chins” (diaper change) even if she just got a fresh diaper right before we put her into the crib.

Each of these is hard to resist. I wonder what new form of manipulation she will come up with next.

Pat Pat Pause

Our childcare provider told us about a child calming technique that her father-in-law swears by: Pat, pat, pause. Adrianna has fallen in love with it. It basically consists of us lightly patting her diapered bottom in rythmic fashion of pat, pat, pat followed by a pause.

When Janette first used it on Adrianna when trying to get her to take a nap, Adrianna wouldn’t let her stop. When Janette would try to stop, Adrianna would take her finger and point to her bottom. She wanted more.

Janette told us about it and so we tried it. I will say “pat, pat, pause” as I do the three pats and Adrianna will say it right along with me. We do this while we sit in the rocking chair together or when it is bedtime and she is laying in her crib. If I stop before she wants me to, she will say, “Pat, pat, pause” or will do the patting of her bottom herself to signify that I am not done. It has become a fun little game for us. Pat, Pat, Pause.