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Here a Chicken, There a Chicken

Adrianna has several “Little People” sets now. A Noah’s Ark, a Farm, and now a Zoo (from her Nanna and Grandpa). This means that she has over forty little animals. (The zoo set has one animal for each letter of the alphabet.)

Little People Sets Her farm set has a chicken in it. She knows how to say chicken (chichin) and enjoys pointing them out in her books too. Her new zoo set has several different birds in it, like an ostrich, quail, and vulture. I am trying to teach her their names, but she insists that all the birds are “chichin!”

Another new favorite are her three “Little People” zebras (zeda). She took all three of them to bed with her last night and I could hear her talking to herself before she fell asleep. “Zeda. Zeda. Zeda.” I wish I could reflect her cute inflection that she uses on her words. Her little voice is one of the sweetest sounds in the world to me.

Crackers and Applesauce

We went to Perkins today for lunch. We ordered Adrianna some applesauce as a part of her meal. The waiter also gave her some crackers to snack on while we waited on our meal. She likes crackers and she also likes applesauce. So why not dip the crackers in the applesauce. At least I think that must have been her thought process. Heck, while we are at it, why not dip the chicken tenders in the apple sauce too! Greg and I got a good laugh about it, but we were also just glad that she was eating some meat since she normally won’t touch it. Maybe we should serve applesauce at every meal.

So I Guess There is No Opting Out?

You may remember me griping about the run-around I received back in November when I tried to opt out of receiving phone book directories from QwestDex.

After having to call a couple times, someone finally took down my information and said they would take care of it. I ended the post by saying:

I wonder if I should take bets on whether or not I will receive next this next years phone books or not. I am not holding my breath on my request really getting taken care of.

Too bad no one took me up on that bet. This week we were delivered another 10 pounds of QwestDex phone books. I am more than a little irritated.

Crib Climbing

Adrianna cries in the morning when she is anxious for us to wake up and rescue her from her crib. In our sleepy grogginess, we don’t always respond right away. (Middle of the night cryings are a different story; they find us leaping out of bed with a sudden rush as we go see what might be wrong.)

Today, we must have waited just a little too long before going into Adrianna’s room. As she was crying, I heard a thump and then the crying intensified and became “real” rather than just cries of impatience. I ran over to her room only to find her at her doorway. Out of her crib. She was saying, “Baby, baby” and she had one of her baby dolls in her hand that is usually in her crib with her. She then ran over to the crib and threw the baby doll back in. I am guessing that she had thrown the baby doll out of her crib (like she does with many of her stuffed animals every morning) and then wanted it back and climbed out to retrieve it.

She has a whole arsenal of stuffed animals that sleep with her, so they probably gave her a good boost out of the crib. We may need to rethink letting her sleep with so many, but when she asks for them by name, it is hard to say no. Right now there are four bears, one pooh bear, one elephant, one bee, one baby doll, and one Rainbow Brite Sprite.

I guess we need to child-proof her room completely now. And if this continues even after removing all but her favorite bear from the crib, we may need to convert the crib to a toddler bed. I don’t even want to think about my baby outgrowing her crib. Sleeping in a “big-girl” bed. She is growing up too fast.

A Night at the Movies

Our anniversary is this weekend. We will be celebrating 7 years of marriage. I know I say this every year, but in some ways it seems like we have always been together (in a good way) and in other ways it is hard to believe it has already been 7 years.

We wanted to have a date this weekend, so we had our neighbor boys come over and watch Adrianna so Greg and I could go out. Adrianna was already in bed, so it was a pretty good job for them. They were excited to watch some Wrestling Smack-down on our big tv.

As for us, we went out to eat at Dave & Buster’s. While waiting on our table, we played some video games. Greg kicked my butt at the race car game and then I kicked some butt at a trivia game. I loved the trivia game and could have played all night. I am not good at Trivial Pursuit, but for some reason I am pretty good at these trivia games where speed is a factor. And multiple choice doesn’t hurt either. hehe.

After dinner we walked over to the movie theatre and watched A Night at the Museum. What a great movie; I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. I have always felt that my toys (especially stuffed animals) could come to life or that they had feelings, which is why I always feel sad when I see one in a thrift store or when I walk by one at a store. I feel like they are pleading at me with their eyes to rescue them. And Greg thinks I am crazy, but sometimes I get scared to go in the big cat house (aka tigers, leopards, etc) when there isn’t anyone else in there because I am afraid they might be planning an escape or takeover of the zoo. I swear, that tiger is always pacing and he has a crafty gleam in his eye. One time I walked into the cat house and the way the sunlight was hitting the glass somehow made it appear like there wasn’t any glass and that the tiger was just walking around, loose. My heart really started pounding until I saw the glass. Whew. That really was a scary moment.

Okay, I am done with that bunny trail. I just really loved the idea of the museum coming to life at night.

Why Wear Just One…

When you can wear them ALL around your neck?

Adrianna wears Mommy's bras

She later did the same thing with my (clean) underwear.

Splashing in Wawa Puddles

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the beautiful 50 degree weather and take Adrianna to the zoo after I got off work. We had fun watching the geese, otters, and hippos. Each of these animals involve swimming in water, which Adrianna is fascinated with right now, so she enjoyed them the most.
Adrianna and the geese

One thing about the nice weather is that it means that some of the snow that has been on the ground since before Christmas is finally melting. This also means lots of puddles of water and lots of mud. It turns out that puddles of water and/or mud is a toddler’s paradise. Adrianna kept pointing out the puddles of water as we walked along.

“Wawa? Wawa!”

And of course she had to splash in each one.

Adrianna splashes in the water

Her pantlegs and boots were soaked by the time we got home.

New Photo Gallery

So I have been debating for a month or two about switching my photo gallery over to service rather than hosting them myself on my site. I have been trying out Google’s Picasa Web Albums since December and I really like it so far. I already use their Picasa photo program, so mass uploading lots of photos is a breeze.

Google’s Web albums have some features that I am especially pleased with:

  • Easy uploading
  • Privacy Options (I may take advantage of this in the future)
  • Comments feature, allowing others to comment on photos
  • Easy downloading/sharing for family members who choose to do so
  • Easy Print Ordering
  • No sign-in required for guests to view (for Public albums)
  • RSS Feed
  • Overall User-Friendliness
  • And hey, it’s Google.

So for any future pictures, I will be posting them on my Google Picasa Web Album at Right now everything is public, but I may turn some into private albums (viewable only by invitation). We’ll see. I have posted over 200 new photos in the last couple of days, so enjoy!

Adrianna’s Love for Bears Continues

When we visited Shad and Lynette this past weekend, Adrianna happened to spot a large, stuffed bear. It was love at first sight. From then on, he traveled to whichever part of the house we were in (at Adrianna’s request).
Adrianna meets the bear

After the introductions were made, it wasn’t long before Adrianna got a little more friendly with the bear. He received many kisses on his soft, black nose.

Adrianna and the bear

Adrianna’s New Slang

Adrianna has some new words now that kinda sound like some “naughty” slang words.

  1. Pee pees (Peaches)
  2. Poon (Spoon)
  3. Bits (Boots)

As you can see, the words she is trying to say are in no way related to those slang words. But they make us laugh whenever we hear her say them. Especially the peaches one.

Introducing My New Nephew…Charlie Auden

Greg and I have a new nephew – Charlie Auden. He was born on Monday, January 15 at 12:43 a.m. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 oz and was 21 inches long. Another good sized Reimer baby; just a little bigger than Adrianna was at birth. He is the first cousin on the Reimer side, so we are very excited. Adrianna now has four cousins total – two girls and two boys. 🙂

Isn’t he adorable?

Charlie Auden

Indiana Trip Part Two

The Viewing

Sunday, January 14th, was the viewing. Again, mixed emotions. Meeting more family and remembering Grandma was nice. There were pictures of Grandma and Grandpa all around. I really enjoyed seeing many of these pictures for the first time. Happy, family memories. I also felt moments of pride in being their Granddaughter as I read about the many different activities they were involved with over the years. My Grandparents were both amazing people.

Seeing my Grandma in the casket was hard. My brother, sisters, and I all went up together. I was glad for their support. Grandma looked so good. She just looked like she was asleep. I almost kept expecting her to open her eyes or move at any moment.

The Funeral

Monday was the funeral. This day was the hardest of all. The final goodbyes; well at least for now on this earth. The message given by the preacher was very direct and reassuring. As the service was ending, everyone left the room by walking by Grandma one last time. This was the most difficult moment of all for me, I think. Then came the long drive to the cemetery (about half an hour away). I was very touched (just like I was at my Grandpa’s funeral) at the politeness and showing of respect of the many cars who would pull over for the funeral caravan as we passed by on the road. Such a small but touching act.

After the funeral and short service at the cemetery, everyone was invited to a dinner at the Hunt Club.

More Family Visits

My Uncle Larry (on my Mom’s side) came to the viewing and he and his family came to the funeral. I was very appreciative of their support. I was also very glad to see them.

Visit with Uncle Larry's Family

They invited us to go bowling later that evening. Since most of my family on my Dad’s side had already left or had other plans for the evening, it worked out well for us to go. It was a lot of fun and most of all, I was glad to get to know my two new cousins a little better. We had only met Uncle Larry’s new wife and daughters one other time, and they were quite shy then. But this time they weren’t shy at all and we had a lot of fun together. AnnaSandra and Diana are very sweet.

Karen and AnnaSandra

The Trip Home

Our flight home was pretty uneventful. No cancelled flights (our original flight to Indiana had been cancelled so we were re-routed on another airline). We flew Delta and they were small planes with only four seats across. Cindy and Karen had one side and I had two seats to myself since Mom wasn’t with us. Actually, on one of the flights it looked like I was going to have a seatmate. But as they were announcing the destination (Denver) he nervously asked me, “What did they say?” Sure enough, poor guy was on the wrong plane so he immediately got off and I had the seats to myself again.

On the plane

Karen and Cindy on the plane home

Being gone for so long, I was really anxious to see Greg and Adrianna again. Adrianna didn’t say much at first when she saw me. Maybe she was overwhelmed by many kisses I was plastering all over her sweet little face. But as we were driving away from the airport she pointed at me and whispered, “Mommy” while wearing a happy smile. Ah, it is good to be home.

Our Indiana Trip (Part 1)

Our trip back to Indiana was bittersweet. Sad because we had to say our good-byes to our Grandma, but yet it was also a nice time as we had a good time with family, many of whom I hadn’t seen in 4 or more years, and in celebrating Grandma’s life and sharing fond memories of Grandma and Grandpa.

My brother, Brian, and my dad left last Thursday to drive straight through to Indiana. My sisters and I left on Friday morning to fly out. (My mom couldn’t make it due to the weather.)


Karen, Cindy, and I decided, since we were flying into Chicago, that it would be fun to find a pizza place and have some authentic deep dish pizza before heading on to Indiana. So we hopped into our rental car at O’Hare and just started driving. We drove past Navy Pier before heading downtown. After driving around for awhile, we very luckily stumbled across Gino’s East which just happens to be a fun place with great pizza.

Amber and Karen

Cindy, Karen, and Amber

Driving in downtown Chicago was interesting. The buildings are beautiful. But the drivers there are so rude! I have never heard so many honking cars (thankfully only one was at me) or been cut off so often. Downtown Denver is much better to drive in than Chicago. It was crazy. But I did enjoy driving our little red pontiac grand prix or grand am or whatever it was. It was a fun car.

The Bunkhouse

Our family has a good relationship with the owners of this hunt club near my Grandparents’ house. They often will let us stay in a cabin, lodge, or bunkhouse when we have family reunions. This time we were able to stay in their bunkhouse. It consisted of many bedrooms (each consisting of at least 2 twin beds and a private bath) surrounding a big open floorplan/living area on the first floor and balcony that ran the circumference of the building on the second floor. The balcony overlooked the open living area below. It was a lot of fun staying here with our extended family. Getting to see my cousins and their families really had me regretting my decision to leave Greg and Adrianna at home. Each evening would find us at the bunkhouse where there was lots of food, chatting, and laughter. I love my family.

Yergler Family

Yergler Family

Yergler Family

The Hunt Club

We had several meals at the Hunt Club as a family. I have memories of this place from when I was a little girl too. I remember that I would walk over there with my cousins Laura and Sara and buy orange soda pop that came in glass bottles. I also have old pictures of all us cousins eating there, back when we were goofy kids, during a reunion for Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Dinner at the Hunt Club

Dinner at the Hunt Club

Grandma’s House

We spent much time at Grandma’s house too. It was so strange to me to not see her there too. I had a bad head cold for the entirety of the weekend, due to my propensity to always be sick on trips. My nose was very stuffed up and I was extremely disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to smell Grandma’s house or Grandpa’s shed for possibly the last time. I know that might sound strange, but they have these distinct good smells that remind me of them whenever I happen to catch a whiff. Thankfully the very last day we were there I was able to get a whiff and it was so good. I love the smell of their house. It always brings back so many pleasant memories of my time there.
Amber, Stephanie, and Cindy

Yergler Family

Aunt Kay, Aunt Mare, and Uncle Ray

Well, it is getting late now so I will post more about our trip hopefully tomorrow. I also need to report soon about my new, handsome nephew too!!!

Sad News

My Grandma Yergler passed away this morning. I am still having a hard time believing it. I had received an email from my dad last night that indicated she was in the hospital because she was sick with the flu and weak. The doctors determined that she had a heart attack earlier in the week. Still, it seems so sudden. I just thought, being in the hospital and all, that she would be okay. So when my mom called me at work today I wasn’t expecting this sad news at all.

Booking an affordable last-minute flight to Indiana (via Chicago) proved to be a bit of a headache, but we did find one through Delta for roughly $200 a person, and that price includes a rental car. My sisters, mom, and I will leave Friday morning and return on Tuesday. My brother and my dad are leaving early tomorrow (Thursday) morning to drive out. Greg will stay home with Adrianna and our dogs and will watch my parents’ dogs as well. I really wanted Greg and Adrianna to come, but this way will be a lot less stress for us in the long run. But I am going to miss them a lot. This will be the longest I have been away from my baby girl.

I am really sad about my Grandma. I have long felt that she was the glue that kept my extended family (on my dad’s side) in touch and updated with each others’ lives. Growing up so far away from my 17 cousins, I never got to really know them, which I think is unfortunate. And now everyone is scattered all over the States. But we could always count on family reunions or get-togethers at Grandma’s house. I will miss her greatly. But I am thankful for so many good memories. I am also extremely glad that we took Adrianna out to visit her the summer before last and took some sweet pictures of her with her Great-Grandma Yergler.

Adrianna and her Great-Grandma Yergler

Four Generations

Please pray for my family. I know that the funeral is going to be hard for all of us to say goodbye.

Red River Valley

Adrianna has this great toy that plays a lot of different songs. Many of the songs are old folk songs or songs that aren’t commonly heard in most musical toys. She loves it.

One of the songs is Red River Valley. I sometimes like to sing the songs to her when they are playing, but I could only remember one line of this particular song. “I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile.” So I decided to plug that line into Google and see if I could find the lyrics. And find them I did. One of the sites I visited also had an MP3 file of a group singing the song so I decided to play it. Adrianna immediately came over to me and pulled me to my feet and said, “Dance.”

So we danced. When the song was over, she would not let me put her down. She pointed to my computer and said, “Dance.” So I started the song over again and we danced some more. I think we must have played the song about 10 times before she let me have a break.

I am posting the song Red River Valley for your listening enjoyment. The style of this version of the song, according to Wikipedia, is “Cantopop” (Cantonese Pop Music) and is sung by a group called Twins. I guess they are pretty popular in China. It makes for a quirky, fun song and Adrianna and I both really like it.