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Startling Greggor

Sometimes when I am really sleepy and already in bed, Greg will come in and start talking to me as he gets ready for bed. From what he has told me later about these talks, I often do not make sense. I usually do not remember these conversations and I hope he doesn’t hold me liable for anything I may or may not say.

Here is a story that Greg relayed to me recently:

The other night we were both in bed sleeping. Greg rolled over and must have jostled the bed (he tends to flop around when he sleeps). This must have startled me and Greg says I woke up and did my spider scream. Greg asked me what was wrong and I said someone came into our room and crawled into our bed. Greg was really freaked out by this. I don’t remember a single bit of it.

Would somebody please explain to my daughter…

…that Daylight Savings Time, in the “fall back” mode, means that you get to sleep in for an extra hour?

And poor Greggor, we both forgot to set the clocks back last night so he showed up at church for worship team practice this morning an hour early, making it only 7:00 rather than 8:00. He drove back home to wait until 8 and also let me know that I had an extra hour to sleep yet. Unfortunately Adrianna’s waking schedule didn’t allow me my extra hour of sleep either. *sigh*

A Visit with the Great Pumpkin (Patch)

We went to a Pumpkin Patch today. I wasn’t able to go with my MOPS group yesterday due to the cold weather. (We all went to the mall instead.) But today was a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the sixties so Greg, Adrianna, and I went as a family. It was a fun time.

First, we went over to visit the farmyard animals. The pigs would oink and Adrianna made her oinking noise (aka hawking a loogie sound) back. The cows would moo and Adrianna would “Mvoo” back.

We then headed over to the haybale maze. Adrianna could barely see over the tops of the maze. She probably would have wandered around that maze for hours if she were on her own.

Adrianna in the maze

Adrianna and Amber in the maze

After awhile, Adrianna deciding that she wanted to play with the hay that was found on the ground. She is very good at “sharing” her discoveries of various rocks, leaves, bark, and now hay with her Daddy and I.

Adrianna giving Daddy some hay

And here we are in the middle of an Adrianna meltdown. We tried so hard (in vain) to take some great pictures at this great little setup, but Adrianna would have none of it. I was so disappointed. I guess that is what happens with a strong-willed toddler who missed their regular naptime today. If you check out our photo galleries, I will be posting some more photos there that capture Adrianna in full meltdown mode.

Adrianna and Amber

Adrianna decided she wanted to push the stroller back to the car. Whenever Greg would try to help steer, she would push his hand away. So independent!

My handsome cowboy.


In spite of the meltdown at the end of the trip, it was still a fun afternoon. I am so glad we went.

Adrianna’s Snow Encounter

We got several inches of snow this morning. Such a contrast to yesterday’s nice sixty degree weather that Adrianna and I enjoyed at the zoo.

Our neighbors invited us to go sledding with them on the small hill in the open space right next to our house. This meant bundling Adrianna up in her brand new winter coat and snow pants. Adrianna wasn’t too sure about the snow or the pants. First off, the new pants were hard to walk in, causing her to fall down several times in the snow. And the coat and pants are both rather bulky. “Mom, I can’t put my arms down!”


Most days, Adrianna is begging to go play outside but today she wanted me to hold her for the majority of the time we were out there. I think she was confused by all the white stuff on the ground since she couldn’t see the normal rocks and grass that she is familiar with and likes to taste.
Adrianna and Amber

Our neighbor’s son pulled her around on a sled for awhile. She had the funniest look of bewilderment on her face. Then he put her on his lap and they took a sledding trip down the hill. She must have gotten scared, as she started crying when they reached the bottom.

After I went down the hill to gather her up, we just stood outside talking to Janette and another mom who was watching her kids sled down the hill. It wasn’t too cold out, so it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

30th Wedding Anniversary

My parents had their 30th wedding anniversary this weekend. To celebrate, they came down to Denver to hang out with us. Cindy, Karen, and the twins came down too. It was a full house and a lot of fun.

Aidan and Layla are such sweet babies. But in the nature of 12 week old babies, they are also a lot of work. It makes me wonder when we should start thinking about #2. Yet at the same time, it also makes me thankful for a child who has been sleeping through the night for some time now and do I really want to go through the sleepless nights and having a baby stuck to my breast all day long? I don’t know.

I really enjoyed the time with my family and getting to see the babies again. We played games (Mexican Train Dominoes and Mad Gab) whenever the kids would allow us some free time. Otherwise, we just all hung out in the living room playing with the kids and chatting or watching The Gods Must Be Crazy. (Excellent movie btw – a movie staple for our family growing up and a definite must see film.)

Adrianna was great with the babies. She would try to help with the babies by mimicking things she saw us do for them, such as covering them up with a blanket or putting a pacifier in their mouths. I was proud of her. She was such a good little helper.

So, Picture Time!

Amber feeding Aidan
Amber feeding Aidan

Adrianna and Layla
Layla was getting some tummy time on her blanket. As soon as Adrianna spotted her laying down, she came and joined her.

Adrianna and Layla

Nanna with Aidan and Layla

Nanna, Aidan, and Layla

Aidan and Grandpa
What is Aidan thinking about that is making him smile in his sleep?

Aidan and Grandpa

Greggor and Aidan

Greggor and Aidan


I am really loving my small group at MOPS. Not only are they fun to hang out with at the actual MOPS meetings twice a month but we have also been getting together outside of MOPS a couple times a month too. So far we have had a playdate for our kids, a bbq for our families, and a girls’ night (last Friday) where we all stayed up late playing games and getting to know each other a little better. All the moms are my age (mid to late 20’s) or in their early 30’s. I am the only mom in the group who works full time and has only one child. Everyone else has two or more, so Amanda keeps telling me that I am going to catch the pregnancy bug next and I better not drink the water at the MOPS meetings.

It is nice getting to know some other moms. They are in the same stage I am. Not only is this a nice benefit for when we hang out because there is an expectation that kids will be coming too (in most cases) but I can also ask them questions about things Adrianna is doing and they understand and, since they already have 2 or more kids, have already had one child go through it already. I was able to talk to Amy about Adrianna’s bullying the other kids at nursery and how it surprised me even though I have read that this is normal toddler behavior that will need to be dealt with. It was so nice to hear reassurance and advice from another mom who has a child only a few months older than Adrianna who is coming out of that stage.

Our group is getting together again this Friday morning to visit a pumpkin patch with the kids. The place has 2 jumping castles with unlimited playtime, animals to pet, and a corn maze, so it sounds like it will be fun. And it is only $2 a person to get in. I am looking forward to it already.

Not Ready for Snow

It’s snowing. I am not ready for it to be snowing already. Not ready to say goodbye to my favorite summer clothes, sandals, and fun, strappy, open-toed shoes. Not ready for the cold, for the people who don’t know how to drive faster than 10 mph even when the roads are clear, not ready for the longer commute as a result. I am not ready for my beautiful roses to die or our nice green lawn to turn brown. I don’t want to think about having to bundle up all the time or to have to bundle up my toddler either for that matter, as it means that going anywhere becomes that much more of an ordeal and takes twice as long to get ready. I haven’t even bought Adrianna her winter coat yet. I am not ready.

On the other hand, the mountains are a wonderful sight to behold when they are covered with snow. I love sweaters. I love it when my dogs, with their warm little bodies, lay on my feet. I love having an excuse to snuggle up to Greggor. It makes me look forward to those snowfalls where all is silent, so much so that you swear you can hear the snow falling, and the flakes are large and fluffy and beautiful. It makes me look forward to the holidays and family gatherings. It makes me appreciate a warm house and curling up on the couch with a good book and a bowl of popcorn. I guess it isn’t all bad.

Sweet Smile

I couldn’t help but lift this adorable picture of my nephew, Aidan, from my sister’s blog. He is 2 months old. Must…Resist…Baby…Fever…
Aidan Scott

My Baby, the Bully?

Today I helped out in the nursery at church for the first time. I felt so inadequate. I don’t know why really. I think maybe I just need to have more confidence in myself when it comes to children. I am completely fine with Adrianna, even if it is a “learn as we go” thing. But I know her. I know what to expect (usually) and how to handle anything that she throws my way. But I don’t know; I just felt really small today. There were a couple of other ladies working in the toddler room too, and they were nice and everything, but well, I just don’t know how to explain it. I just felt out of place somehow. Hopefully it will get easier with time.

I am not crazy about changing other kids’ diapers either. I was especially nervous about changing this little boy’s diaper. With Adrianna, it is easy – and this is also why I wanted to have a girl first: I am a girl so I feel comfortable that I know how all the girl parts work. Obviously I am not completely ignorant of the opposite sex since I am happily married and all. But changing a boy’s diaper is a whole new thing. I did okay I guess. Except that I learned later from an experienced mom that you have to make sure that the little boy parts are pointing the right direction or they could end up soaking their clothes. Oops. I didn’t pay any attention to that. I guess I will know better for the next time.

One thing I was looking forward to with helping in the nursery was getting to see Adrianna interact with the other toddlers. Adrianna is at that age where she needs to learn how to share. First off, she could not stand it that other kids were sitting in my lap. She tried to push them out of my lap and started crying when I told her she had to share. She also was very assertive when she wanted to play with a toy by pushing other kids out of the way. Not too roughly, but she did cause one little boy to start crying. Twice.

Before you think my child is a complete bully, some of the toddlers also exhibited this same behaviour. I know that it comes with the age. Even though the “terrible twos” are still half a year away, Adrianna is well developed for her age so I think that might help this come into play a little earlier for her. She is as big as the 2 year olds. Even so, seeing this side of her was still a little bit of a shocker to me since I don’t have the opportunity to see her with other children on a regular basis. So we had to start working on sharing with the other kids or being removed from the situation if she wouldn’t share. I guess this will be one pro to her being in childcare, as she will get a regular chance to start learning how to share with other children. Hopefully she will have that lesson learned by the time we decide on having baby #2.

One sweet thing she did though, after she got used to sharing my lap with other children, was that she walked over to where I was sitting on the floor and leaned over and proceeded to give me a sweet kiss. Maybe she was just laying claim on her territory in less confrontational way, but I loved it.

City Streetlights and Many Moon Sightings

I wrote last weekend about Adrianna’s discovery of the moon and how she loudly proclaimed its existence whenever it was in view on our entire car trip home. Well, we had some more “moon” sightings on Wednesday.

All three of us were at church on Wednesday. Greg was attending worship team practice and I was there for a nursery worker orientation. Adrianna was in the nursery with the other children. As we left the church for home, it was already getting dark. The moon was nowhere in sight. Streetlights in the church parking lot were glowing brightly. Adrianna spotted one and proudly proclaimed, “Maaaahhh!” Now when she says her word for moon, it isn’t just a short one syllable “mah.” No, it is long and drawn out and spoken very loudly. “Maaaahhh!”

Greg and I explained to her that no, that was just a streetlight, but she didn’t believe us.

Laughter. “That is a streetlight. The moon isn’t out tonight. Can you say ‘streetlight?'”
“No honey, that is a streetlight. Streetlight. See the streetlight?”
“Maaahhh!” she told us again. And again.

We live in a large city, so there are many streetlights. Every time a streetlight came into view on the way home, we heard a little (yet very loud) voice proclaim from the backseat. “Maaahhh!”

There was no convincing her that all the streetlights were in fact, just streetlights and not the moon. I think that there is a slight misconception that every bright light in the sky at night is “Maaahhh.”

Adrianna’s Island

Adrianna has claimed the new island for her very own. It makes a good little playhouse, except that she bumps her head a lot on the boards that run across the top. Even so, I am sure she will be disappointed once the drawers are installed so she can no longer crawl around inside it. At least the countertop will be put on first.
Adrianna's Island

Adrianna's Island

Adrianna's Island

Kitchen Island

Hello, this is Greg. Just wanted to post an update on the kitchen island project I’ve been working on. Here are some pics.



Above, it’s stained but unvarnished. Below, it’s varnished and set exactly where it will be bolted down.



In some of these pics, the camera angle makes the perspective look kinda wacky. It really doesn’t look like a boat; the sides are perfectly vertical!

The only remaining task is to bolt it to the floor so it stays put, build the countertop and build drawers. Once the top is done and installed, we can at least use it while I build the drawers. Needless to say, we’re both looking forward to when this is done.

Poo Poo in the Pool

Or well, actually the bathtub.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that we went almost 18 months before this happened during bathtime.

At first, I just saw bubbles, so I asked Adrianna if she was doing a toot toot. Turns out the bubbles were just the warning sign of greater things to come.

I am thankful that Greg was home. I hollered for him to come up and help me. He quickly extracted the baby from the tub while I got stuck with cleanup doody duty.

Adrianna is really going to hate me for this post someday.

My Life’s Movie Soundtrack

I got this idea from Molly’s MySpace bulletin and thought it looked like fun. 🙂

If Your Life Was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?

So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle/Random
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

  • Opening Credits: Starlight by the Wailin’ Jennys
  • Waking Up: With or Without You by U2
  • First Day At School: My Lovely by Eisley
  • Falling In Love: Clementine by Pink Martini
  • Breaking Up: Crazy by Tennessee River Authority (Patsy Cline remake)
  • Prom: You Belong to Me by Patsy Cline
  • Life’s OK: In the Light by DC Talk
  • Mental Breakdown: Plenty of Paper by Eisley
  • Driving: Wonderful, Merciful Saviour by Susan Ashton
  • Flashback: Lucky Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Getting Back Together: Whenever You’re Near Me by Ace of Base
  • Wedding: Lonestar by Norah Jones
  • Birth of Child: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2
  • Final Battle: You Won’t Forget Me by La Bouche
  • Death Scene: When the Love is Right by Tourniquet
  • Funeral Song: I’m Not Crying For You by Save Ferris
  • Dance Sequence: Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Remix) by Justin Timberlake
  • End Credits: I Will Survive by Cake

My Little Niece and Nephew

I just have to post a few pictures of my little niece and nephew. As their aunt, I think I have bragging rights to say that they are absolutely a couple of the cutest babies ever. Aidan and Layla are 8 weeks old. Layla is the beautiful little baby on the left and Aidan is the adorable little baby on the right.
Layla and Aidan

Layla and Aidan

Layla and Aidan

And just for reminiscing, here is Adrianna at the same age back in June of 2005.

Adrianna at 7 Weeks Old

Adrianna at 8 Weeks Old