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Thus Begin the Temper Tantrums

Today, for the first time, Adrianna had a temper tantrum. A few actually. If she got frustrated about something, she would throw herself down on the floor and cry. It was quite cute since they didn’t last long. I am sure I will change my tune as time goes by.

Another thing that Adrianna started for the first time today was talking on the telephone. Well, actually it was a tv remove, but she held it up to her ear, walked around the living room, and talked into it for about 10 minutes. Saying things that sounded similar to “Hello” and “Um-hmm.”

On Saturday, I bought Adrianna a farm set of “Little People” that includes a farmer and several animals. I will take the cow and say, “The cow says ‘Moooo'” and she will imitate a humming noise back of “Hooom.” I was also taking the animal pieces and “walking” them around the barnyard. Today, I noticed that she has now started to walk the animals too, except that they don’t always walk on their feet. They sometimes walk on their backs or their heads. Pretty talented, these animals are.


So last night, I started feeling queasy. Sure enough, I have caught what Adrianna had. I was up most of the night, getting way too familiar with our toilet and our trashcan. I was hoping I would be as resilient as Adrianna was at recovering, but unfortunately the fever and aches are still with me tonight, more than 24 hours later. At least the rest of the unpleasantness ended this morning.

Our Memorial Day in Pictures

The weather today was beautiful. It was overcast and in the lower 70’s all day.

Adrianna explored our front yard.


Adrianna tasted some bark, even though Mommy warned her not to. Shoulda listened to Mommy.

Spent some time with Petey.

Dr Peter Jones (aka Petey)

Adrianna spent some time cuddling with Mommy (in the glider chair that smells like chocolate)

Adrianna and Amber

Oh, and I finally updated our Photo Gallery to include all our pictures from May.

Another Fun Way to Drink Your Milk

I heard happy baby laughter behind me as I tried to surf the web on Greg’s Mac this evening. I turned around to see what could be so funny, and was greeted by a view of Adrianna and our dachshund, Molly May, both covered in white droplets. Milk droplets. Adrianna had her bottle turned upside down and was gleefully shaking milk all over Molly (and herself in the process).

And in other milk news…After I finished my cereal this morning, I forgot to take the bowl out to the kitchen. I forgot that Adrianna can now reach her little hands up onto the end table. She found the bowl of leftover, cocoa pebbles milk and methodically dumped it over on the glider chair. Our glider chair now smells like chocolate milk.

Monday Memories – Bittersweet Memory of Karen After Surgery

Some other bloggers out there are participating in a “Monday Memories” theme, so I decided I will play along. I think it is important to write down memories and have been trying to do so as I think of them.
My first installment to the Monday Memories theme is a bittersweet one. It involves my little sister, Karen.

About 12 years ago, Karen was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was only 12. We think that she had the tumor for a couple years prior to actually being diagnosed, as she had problems with always being incredibly thirsty. The doctors had tested her for diabetes, but it was actually the tumor on her pituitary gland that was causing the thirst issues.

As a result of the tumor, Karen had to undergo a surgery to try to remove the tumor and later, chemotherapy.

The surgery was especially frightening for our family. Of course the doctors have to warn you about all the potential things that could go wrong, such as loss of memory, change of personality, becoming mentally handicapped, and worse. We were so scared. If she did come out of the surgery okay, what if she wasn’t the same sweet girl that she was before? My mom couldn’t sign the consent forms; it was so overwhelming. My dad had to do it.

Seeing her in the ICU after she woke up from her surgery was hard. Her head was swollen to at least double its normal size. I remember trying so hard to fight back the tears, trying not to let Karen see me cry. Trying to be brave for Karen, who was so brave herself. And of course worried that she might not be the same.

After sitting with Karen for awhile, still wondering if everything was okay, Karen said the sweetest words. Words that I will always remember. “Take care of the puppies.” She was referring to our three dachshunds. It was at this point that I think our entire family breathed a huge sigh of relief. Our sweet Karen was still the Karen we knew before the surgery.

The tumor did go away after chemo, but another tumor returned a couple of years later. After a bout of radiation, it too left and now Karen has been in remission for over 5 years, which is a wonderful thing. Outside of some after-affects from the tumors that can be controlled with medication, Karen is perfectly healthy today.

I hope I didn’t embarass her too much with this post. 🙂

BRAT diet

After Adrianna’s afternoon nap, we used the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) and fed her some toast and bananas and she was able to keep them, along with drinks of water, down. She seems to be feeling fine and was up and playing all afternoon with a new barn set toy I bought for her yesterday, complete with barnyard animals. It is so funny that whenever I get a free moment to sneak out and go shopping that I now always migrate to the toy or baby sections and end up buying Adrianna more things than I buy for myself.

Adrianna is such a chatterbox. She talks all the time, even if the words really aren’t intelligible to us grownups. It is truly as if she has her own language. But she is very good at repeating words and sounds back to us when we point out different objects to her. She also is recognizing more words every day and continues to surprise and astound me with her knowledge and how much she grasps already.

My Little Trooper

Adrianna had a restless night where she woke up crying several times. This morning, she didn’t eat much breakfast, which is very unusual for her as she is not a picky eater and she loves Malt-o-Meal and bananas. But since we noticed that she has a new tooth coming in (her seventh tooth), we attributed it to teething pain.

We couldn’t have been more wrong.

We were on our way to church this morning when we heard a weird noise that sounded like a mix between a burp and a cough. We turned around. Adrianna looked okay and, other than not eating her normal size breakfast, had been acting fine. We continued on our way when we heard a liquidy, watery sound coming from the back seat. Uh oh. Sure enough, poor little Babyanna had thrown up all over herself and her carseat. We were on the highway and there wasn’t much of a shoulder, so we just kept going to the next exit. We thought about stopping in a parking lot to clean her off, but there really wasn’t a whole lot we would have been able to accomplish with that, so we headed straight home instead. Adrianna seemed fine, other than the fact that she was wearing quite a bit of throwup now. She even started talking a bit. Then, when we were only a few blocks from home, we heard the dreaded sound again and again. Greg said she began to look a little peaked, but she still didn’t cry at all. We rolled down the car windows.

When we got home, I carefully lifted her out of her chair. Even though I did my best to hold her out at arms length, there wasn’t any way of avoiding getting some of the mess on my new outfit. I took her straight up to the bathtub, stripped us both down, and gave her a much-needed bath. Greg took care of the carseat mess.

Throughout all of this, Adrianna was such a little trooper. She really hasn’t acted sick at all. So I was surprised when, after about a half hour, she threw up again with no warning. This time, she was toddling around the kitchen while I was on the phone to wish my momma a Happy Birthday. I didn’t get to the “Happy Birthday” part when I heard the awful sound again and had to hang up really quick. Poor baby threw up on the linoleum and then, to make matters worse, slipped and fell in it. Ick. Back upstairs to clean her off. This time though, she didn’t get a new outfit on. She will be wearing just a diaper for awhile. Thankfully it is warm outside.

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that this is the first time we have had to really deal with something like this. She has only thrown up one other time, when she was a newborn, and that was nothing compared to this. I just hope my baby is okay. She cannot keep anything down. I am going to try some toast when she wakes up from her nap.

So that is why we didn’t make it to church this morning.

Spiders, and Wasps, and Mice – Oh My!

With Spring comes many of the annoying pests that I so detest. Ick. I am not scared of bugs, but I absolutely cannot stand spiders or wasps. They both scare me. I don’t mind mice and actually find them quite cute, as long as they stay outside of our house. We have never seen a live mouse in our house and we have lived here for going on 5 years, so that is a pretty good track record. I am sure that is due in part to our cat.

Petey, as lazy and fat as ever, is a most excellent mouser. We have seen two mice so far this year. Both deceased, outside, and strategically placed as gifts near an entrance to our house so that we would be sure to find them. I feel badly for the poor mice. They were out of doors and not hurting anything, and I find the way that cats kill them (i.e. play with them) to be particularly cruel.

And then there are wasps. They have got to be some of the creepiest looking bugs I have ever seen. So ugly. And can you tell me what they are good for? At least I feel like bees serve a function. And maybe wasps do the same pollination thing; I don’t know. What I do know is that we have spotted three nests (so far) on our house and I am sure there are at least one or two more in our little shed, just like there are every year. Which is why I am avoiding that shed like the plague.

And we must not forget spiders. On Saturday night, we went to bed pretty late, so by the time I dragged my tired self up to bed, I was pretty out of it. I plopped down into my soft, comfy pillow-topped bed with a huge sigh. I hadn’t been laying there for too long when all of a sudden Chloe started getting all excited and was jumping towards my head. What the heck? So I sat up and looked behind me, and there on the wall, only about a foot above my pillow, was a spider. A rather large black spider. AAAH! Surprisingly, I didn’t do my normal spider scream, but I did yell for Greg to come take care of the situation. Which he bravely did for me. Such a sweet hubby.

Since we do not have a headboard, my pillow rests right up against the wall. Since the spider’s trek was upwards at the time of his demise, I can only imagine that he had started out on my pillow, and then when had I plopped down into bed I must’ve interrupted his beauty sleep and the disgruntled spider left the bed to find a happier resting place. *shudder*

Okay, and if you want to hear an even creepier spider story, visit my hubby’s site for a spider vs ear story. There are some places that spiders should just NOT go.


This is the reaction that I get from Adrianna when we play hide and seek. She is just coming around the corner and I surprised her with an enthusiastic “Boo!”


After the game of hide and seek was begun, she gets in on it. She will hide her face around the corner of the wall so that I cannot see her. Well actually, it usually is more that she cannot see me


Then, she will show me her face again as I say, “Boo!”


She is all smiles the whole time, and so am I.

Dirty Dishes and Dog Kisses

Today was a busy and productive day. The kind of day that makes me feel satisfied with all I accomplished. Vacuuming, mopping, dishes, cooking, laundry, general cleaning, dusting, weeding, and rose trimming. Whew. That is more than I have accomplished in a long time.

I was unloading some clean dishes from our dishwasher. Close by my side, like always, was my little helper. She helped me unload by testing the cleanliness of the dishes by, how else, inserting them into her mouth. “This one tastes clean, Mom. Here it is so you can put it away!” If they didn’t make it into her mouth, they were set on the floor, which of course means that I had to add them back to the dishwasher to await the next cleansing load. She also kept herself busy emptying out various kitchen cabinets and drawers.

After I fed the dogs, Adrianna walked over to their doggy dishes and proceeded to help them eat their food. I had to actually reach my finger into her mouth to get some of the kibble out. Yuck. Adrianna was not happy about me dragging her away from the doggy dish. Apparently she thinks their food tastes okay.

From then on, Adrianna kept trying to walk over to their dish. When I would see her getting close, I would say her name in a warning tone of voice, and she would veer her steps in another direction, all the while watching me, as if she was going to go that other direction all along. Eventually, she tired of this game and went all out towards their dish and proceeded to lift it up and over, spilling its contents all over the floor. Thankfully, Chloe and Molly were quick to clean up the mess.

Adrianna also likes to play in the dogs’ water dish. So Greg had the idea of getting Adrianna her own dish of water to play with. Adrianna’s water dish didn’t even last a whole second before she had lifted it up and over. Water all over the kitchen floor that I had just swept and mopped. And then she sat in it.

This past week has found Chloe or Molly deciding that sippy cups are good for eating. I am not sure why this is happening all of a sudden, but so far one has been ruined completely and another has acquired some teeth marks. They usually leave her toys alone, with the exception of her rubber duckies. The poor ducks are now beakless and without tail feathers.


I finally got my scrapbook stuff out again and completed a page. Nothing fancy, but it feels good to get another page done. As always, the line down the middle of the page is because I have to scan my 12×12 pages in two parts and then merge them together with a photo editing software.

Scrapbook Page about Dr Peter Jones

This is a page all about our kitty, Dr Peter Jones (aka Petey). The title is “Catitude,” which I found online and thought it fit the nature of this kitty and the pictures too. The text on the page reads:

Daily Agenda:

  • Feed the cat
  • Be ignored by the cat
  • Pet the cat
  • Get your arm scratched off

and then a quote by Stephen Baker which reads:

“Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their lives.”


I finally got my scrapbook stuff out again and completed a page. Nothing fancy, but it feels good to get another page done. As always, the line down the middle of the page is because I have to scan my 12×12 pages in two parts and then merge them together with a photo editing software.

Scrapbook Page about Dr Peter Jones

This is a page all about our kitty, Dr Peter Jones (aka Petey). The title is “Catitude,” which I found online and thought it fit the nature of this kitty and the pictures too. The text on the page reads:

Daily Agenda:

  • Feed the cat
  • Be ignored by the cat
  • Pet the cat
  • Get your arm scratched off

and then a quote by Stephen Baker which reads:

“Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their lives.”

Mommy Monster

When my three siblings and I were growing up, we used to enjoy playing a game that was known in our house as “Mommy Monster.” It basically consisted of my mother hiding somewhere in our mostly unfinished basement and we would try to work up the nerve to slowly and quietly creep down the stairs and through the darkened basement. Then, the “Mommy Monster” would jump out from wherever she was hiding and make a scary noise, which would send all four of us kids clambering for the stairs which we would run up as fast as our little legs could carry us, hearts pounding. I remember being so scared and nervous that I had to try really hard not to pee my pants as I slowly crept down the stairs, not knowing where or when the Mommy Monster was going to leap out at us. As scared as we were though, we absolutely loved this game and always begged my mom to play.

Adrianna and I are beginning to play such games. She absolutely loves playing hide and seek. It seems like the biggest laughs that I can get out of her while we play are the times when I completely take her by surprise so that she startles a little. I will jump out of my hiding place and yell “Rowr” and she will just laugh at me. Then, we will both crawl back into our corners or trade hiding places and start all over again. She knows where I am hiding, but it doesn’t seem to matter. It is all in the anticipation.

Cici’s Pizza

Now that we have a child who likes to make noise when we go out to eat, we find ourselves eating at Cici’s Pizza more and more. Cici’s is a pizza buffet place that is frequented by many other families with small children, so we feel like we can go there and not get angry stares when our child makes a little noise or gets excited about her meal. Plus, it is good food for an affordable price and their cinnabread is delicious.

So after church yesterday, we found ourselves in line at Cici’s. It was there that we heard this little voice say, “Adrianna! Adrianna!”

Our first thought was that there must have been a little girl behind us who also had the name of Adrianna, because really, who would know our daughter since she is only 13 months old? We turned around anyways and it turns out there were a couple children behind us that did recognize our daughter. It was two of the children from her childcare, the little boy who calls her “Hawna” and his older sister who has only recently also started going to childcare there. They were excited to see Adrianna and had hurried their parents in the door so that they could get in line behind us. And we got to meet their parents who are probably around our age. That was pretty cool. I guess I am going to have to get used to being known as “Adrianna’s mom,” because I know it is only going to become even more frequent as she continues to grow up.

As we were eating our meal, we were also pleasantly surprised to see another person we knew, Aidan. He attends the church we went to when we first moved up to the north Denver area and we hadn’t seen him since probably 2002 when we started attending a different church.

Sometimes I really miss my small hometown where I cannot go anywhere without seeing someone I know, so I love it when I run into people we know when we are out and about here. It makes Denver seem a little more homey.

Family Pics and a Fun Coincidence

Well, we finally got our first family pictures taken. Getting Adrianna to smile proved to be a bit of a challenge since it was close to her naptime, but we managed to get a few smiles.


Amber, Adrianna, and Greg Reimer

Amber and Adrianna Reimer

Greg and Adrianna

The weirdest thing happened while we were picking up our pictures. They had some example displays of some photos that were printed onto canvas, which of course they want to try to talk you into buying. (It worked.) Anyways, the people in one of the two photos looked really familiar.

I asked Greg, “Is that the Uptains?”

He responded, “Umm, I am not sure.”

“I am SURE that is the Uptains,” as I proceeded to name off their names.

By this point, Greg agreed with me that it was in fact the Uptains as he then recognized a couple of the girls as well.

The weird and cool thing about this is that the Uptains live about 4.5 hours north of us up in Wyoming. What are the chances? I was glad Greg reminded me of my camera phone so I could capture a snapshot of it.
Uptains' Photo

I asked the lady if she knew the name of the girls in the photo. She said she didn’t. I mentioned that they were people we knew from X town in Wyoming. She said that yeah, it is probably our friends since she thought that is where the picture was taken. As if there was any doubt in my mind by this point. It was just a picture they (the photo people) liked and thought would make a great example shot. So cool. I cannot wait to tell the Uptains all about it when I see them at Camp over Labor Day next September.

What a Friend She Has in Winnie

I have mentioned before how much Adrianna loves her teddy bears. Winnie the Pooh holds a special coveted place in her crib every night. He is a great companion. He can play music if you turn a little knob on his back. Sometimes in the middle of the night or in the mornings when all else is quiet, we hear his music drifting out into the hallway, which is usually a good indication that Adrianna is awake.

Tonight, she didn’t want to go to bed but she was so grumpy that it was obvious that she needed to go to bed. She fussed for awhile, but eventually drifted off. After all became quiet and I checked on her, this is what I found:
Adrianna and Pooh

Thank you Winnie the Pooh for comforting my little girl and helping her fall to sleep.

And speaking of cuddly things that are great to sleep with, here are my two dachshies who faithfully share my side of the bed every night. (Did ya think I was gonna mention Greggor – haha! This is a family-friendly blog after all… 😉 )

Chloe Marie and Molly May

I love the look Molly May gets on her face when she is scratching her head with her hind feet. Her lip curls up all funny and her forehead gets extra wrinkly.