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Umbilical Hernia

I go to visit a surgeon tomorrow regarding my umbilical hernia. Greg has been prompting me to make a doctor’s appointment for a few weeks now, since he was getting tired of me bellyaching about the hernia but not doing anything about it. I think he was also getting sick of me asking him to feel it when it visibly sticks out.

I first noticed the hernia after Adrianna was born. I am pretty sure it is just one more fun after-effect from labor and childbirth. When I pointed out the then-small bump to my doctor at my 6-week checkup, he wasn’t concerned because it wasn’t giving me any problems or hurting at that time.

Several months later it started swelling and giving me pain, especially in the evenings on days where I was a little more active then usual or had eaten a large (read: yummy!) meal. From there, it has just been getting worse and larger so that sometimes it makes me feel sick to my stomach too. This isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it is annoying nonetheless. So I finally made the trip to the doctor today and he told me it is only going to continue to get worse and bigger. He likened it to blowing up a balloon. The first time you try to blow into it, it is hard to do. But each time you try to blow into it you can blow it up quicker, larger, and it becomes much easier to do.

The doctor also said that intestines can stick out through the hole. It is also dangerous if they were to get stuck and couldn’t be pushed back in. He said the bowels can also get pinched in there. Gross!

As far as standard treatment, states:

…the standard treatment is conventional hernia-repair surgery (called herniorrhaphy). It is possible to simply live with a hernia and monitor it. The main risk of this approach is that the protruding organ may become strangulated (have its blood supply cut off), and infection and tissue death may occur as a result. A strangulated intestinal hernia may result in intestinal obstruction, causing the abdomen to swell. The strangulation can also lead to infection, gangrene, intestinal perforation, shock, or even death.

The website then goes on to say:

…Hernia surgery is performed under either local or general anesthesia. The surgeon repositions the herniated tissue and, if strangulation has occurred, removes the oxygen-starved part of the organ. The damaged muscle wall will then be repaired. Increasingly, herniorrhaphy is being performed using a laparoscope, a thin, telescope-like instrument that requires smaller incisions and involves a shorter recovery period.

Patients often walk around the day after hernia surgery. There are usually no dietary restrictions, and work and regular activity may usually be resumed in approximately one or two weeks. Complete recovery takes three to four weeks, with no heavy lifting for at least three months. Hernias often return after surgery, so preventive measures are especially important to avoid a recurrence.

Hmm. Hopefully the “heavy lifting” won’t include active babies, since Adrianna is probably close to 22 pounds right now. I guess I will know more after tomorrow’s appointment.

Sew very much to learn

I decided to sign up for a beginning sewing class. I am pretty excited about it. The class is on Saturday, so today Adrianna and I were busy buying all the supplies I need. Thankfully, the lady at the cutting counter of Jo-Ann‘s was really patient and helpful, since I have NO idea what I am doing. She helped me pick out a fabric (since the original one didn’t have enough left for the pattern I will be using) and explained a few things to me as she went. I still have a couple more things to buy; I had to leave the store before I was finished as Adrianna began to get antsy in anticipation of it being naptime.

In my class we will be making a jacket/vest and capri pants. Pretty cool. I am so clueless about sewing, so hopefully I will learn lots!

Picture Perfect

Playing the Bass Guitar (she also likes to plunk the strings on Greg’s acoustic guitar and his banjo)

Adrianna plays the bass guitar

Posing for the camera

Posing for the Camera

Trying to TAKE the Camera

Trying to take the camera

Getting some love from Molly May

Adrianna and Molly May

Not too happy about all the loving from Molly May

Adrianna and Molly May

Showing Mommy the kitty in the book (this particular page/illustration is one of Adrianna’s favorites)

Adrianna points to the kitty in her book

Adrianna and Mommy
Adrianna and Amber

Getting some help from Daddy


Standing on her own


And down will come baby…Daddy is quick to lend another helping hand.

And falling...


I had blogged awhile back about my fun afternoon at the DMV when I registed our new minivan. After I got home that day, I asked Greg if he would put the license plates on the van. When I went outside later that day, I noticed that there was only one plate installed on our van so that there was a plate on back but not on front. I asked Greg why he didn’t install a plate on the front, and he told me that there was only one plate in the bag we received from the DMV. I figured that perhaps they changed the law so that only a rear plate is required in Colorado. I remembered that there had been a lobby a few years back to make it required to only have one plate (even though it didn’t go through at that time) so it didn’t seem too far out of the ordinary. End of story, right?

A couple weeks later, the subject somehow came up when I was having dinner with my brother, Brian. He told me I had better look into the license plate thing so I didn’t get pulled over, since he had not heard of any changes to the license plate law.

Fast-forward another week or so. (I am a HUGE procrastinator!) I called the DMV and told them I had received only one plate when I registered and asked if the law had changed. They informed me that two plates were still mandatory and that sometimes a mistake is made where only one plate is handed out and that I just needed to take my one plate in and exchange it for two new ones.

Another afternoon at the DMV didn’t sound very enticing to me, especially spending it with an active 11 month old, so I procrastinated yet again for several weeks. Which brings us to today.

I picked Adrianna up from childcare at 3:00. She was in a great mood, and I wasn’t too tired from work, so I figured I had better make that blasted trip to the DMV. I asked Greg if he would kindly remove the one license plate from the van so I could turn it in. As he went outside to do so, I went upstairs to change Adrianna’s diaper and get her ready to go.

A couple minutes had passed when I heard Greg run upstairs calling my name and laughing.

License Plates - Yes, TWO of them!

Turns out my scatterbrained husband hadn’t noticed that there WERE two plates from the start. He had installed them both, one on top of the other (stuck together), on the back license plate frame of our van. Mystery solved. So, hooray, I didn’t have to go to the DMV after all.

In the Doghouse

Would you believe it if I told you she crawled in her on her own? And that I pretty much had to reach in and physically pull her out? She didn’t want to come out.

In the Doghouse

She shut the door on her own too.

In the Doghouse

In the Doghouse

Pregnancy News

No, I am not pregnant. But my sister is! We have actually known for awhile, but were waiting until she was further along to really share the news. And here’s the really exciting part – she’s expecting twins! The proud papa, Kendall, is also a twin (fraternal). We don’t know if her twins are fraternal or identical yet and it is too soon to tell the sex. The babies are due in September.

Cindy and Kendall came to visit this weekend. I had heard of a Darling Doubles sale, so we all wanted to take advantage of being able to buy used baby stuff at decent prices. Especially since they will need two of everything! I have stuff from Adrianna’s earlier days that they will definitely be able to borrow, but I don’t have doubles. And since this was a large sale put on by other moms of multiples, Cindy and Kendall were even able to find some matching outfits for the babies and two matching baby carriers too. So cute!

While Cindy and Kendall were here, we also took time to play lots of Tetris and Dr. Mario on our Nintendo 64 and MarioKart Doubledash on our Gamecube. Dr. Mario has to be one of my favorite video games ever, and both Cindy, Karen, and I share that love and kick butt at it!

This evening after Cindy and Kendall left, Greg, Adrianna, and I hung out in downtown Denver with Shad, Lynette, and Shad’s parents, Ken and Carol. We had the most excellent dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. And of course cheesecake. We then spent some time wandering around the 16th Street Mall where Carol was serenaded by a drunk man on the bus. Good times.


Goodness, where has my week gone?

Wednesday evening, I made a spur of the moment decision to drive down to Springs (an hour and a half away) to visit my friend Kristy after she got off work. I had called her earlier that day and just hearing her voice made me miss her, which is why I decided to make the drive.

Since I knew I had a long drive ahead of me, I made sure to bring along my iPod so that I would have some good tunes to sing along to. As I was getting ready to leave, I got the iPod out and scrolled to a song on my playlist, which happened to be Dreams by the Cranberries, and clicked “Play.” Then I realized I needed to plugin in the iPod to the car stereo using an adaptor that was in our other vehicle before I would be able to actually hear the song. I hopped out, grabbed the adaptor in the other car, and got back into our car. As I did so, I noticed that Dreams was playing and I could hear it. I had a moment of confusion. How could I hear it playing when I hadn’t plugged the iPod into the car stereo or any other type of speaker yet? It was then that I realized that the radio station that was on in the car was playing the song at the same time as my unplugged iPod. Weird. What are the chances?

My time with Kristy was well worth the drive. We had a nice time catching up. It was also nice to have a girls’ night and have an evening off, as Greg was kind enough to stay home with Miss Banana.

A Dog of a Different Color?

Adrianna loves pointing at things and asking, “Da?” which we interpret to mean, “What’s that?” (It can also mean Daddy and dog.) I estimate that I now hear “Da” at least a couple hundred times a day. She uses it all the time, even when she is playing and talking to herself.

Adrianna also loves looking at books. She has a couple favorites that she will page through over and over. One of them is a big board book full of nursery rhymes and cute drawings of the rhymes, complete with lots of animals. It is obvious which pages contain her favorite pictures, because she will turn the pages back and forth to those pages many times and point to the portion of the picture that catches her eye and ask, “Da?” The objects are usually animals and most often kitties and dogs.

Today she was pointing at the brown and white, spotted, long-eared dog in the picture of Old Mother Hubbard.

“Da?” she asked.

“Dog,” I replied.

Then, she flipped back a couple pages and was pointing at the brown, short-eared dog that is part of the illustration for Jack Sprat.

“Da?” she asked.

“Dog. Yes, that is also a dog,” I replied.

After my response, I could see the wheels turning in her head. She had a perplexed look on her face for a moment. How could both of them be dogs when they looked so different? (At least this is what is seemed like she was thinking.) She continued to page back and forth between the two pages, each time asking, “Da?” as if to say, “Are you sure you know what you are talking about, mom?”

Add to that the confusion that the pictures of those cartoony dogs don’t look anything like our two dogs in real life. And then there is the big, golden retriever at her childcare lady’s house. How could all these creatures all be the same thing – dogs? That must be confusing for someone just learning all the intricacies of labeling things in her every day life. Pretty soon she may think that every moving animal of a certain general size is a dog. With the exception of kitties of course, but even those come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Walking Soon

Adrianna will be walking soon. She cruises adeptly around the furniture and anything else she can grab and pull herself up with. She also still enjoys playing with her mailcart, which doubles as a little walker. She pulls herself up and pushes it around the living room with a big grin on her face. When she comes up against a wall or a piece of furniture, she gets trapped and doesn’t know how to turn the cart around so that she can continue on her merry way. Instead, she lunges against the cart in an attempt to make it continue to move forward, but alas, the wall and the furniture always win when it comes to a power struggle.

Poor Customer Service

I spent an hour on the phone trying to get a simple answer from the IRS today. Did I get my answer? No. After being transferred twice and spending that hour on the phone, I gave up. It had been 40 minutes since the last transfer which meant 40 minutes of classical music and no personal contact, so it looked like I was getting nowhere. There goes 60 minutes that I won’t get back. Unfortunately I was unable to find the answer I needed on any tax forum or the IRS website, which I of course tried first before giving in and placing the call. Frustrating! So I sent a nastygram via the IRS website about their poor customer service. Unfortunately you cannot submit tax questions or chat online via email from their website, which seems behind the times to me. Almost every other website I have visited allows emails or online chats if you have a question, which is much more pleasant than wasting precious time on the phone. And what made the call even more maddening was the annoying recording that kept coming back on every 2 minutes or so telling me that “my call is important” and “thank you for your patience.” ARGH. I was so frustrated that I was in tears by the time I gave up and slammed the phone back into its receiver.

Chloe’s Cape(r)

Otherwise known as Wonderdog and the Attack of the Evil Towel.

I was busy at my computer this evening, preparing Karen and Zach’s taxes. Greg and Adrianna were already asleep. I was interrupted from my deep concentration by a sad, pathetic whine. Thinking one of the dogs wanted to go outside to take care of business, I quietly called their names. No response other than more whining. Molly wasn’t at her normal post at my feet, so I thought perhaps she accidently got locked in the bedroom with Greg. I got up from my chair to go investigate, figuring that I just needed to let the dog out of the closed bedroom. When I got to the bedroom, I heard the whining coming from down the stairs. This is what I found:

Chloe's Cape(r)

Yes, she is wearing that towel like a cape. We use old towels in their kennel, but I don’t believe this one had a hole in it previously, as I am usually pretty careful about that sort of thing for this very reason. But, it appears that she somehow wriggled her way into a hole in the towel and then couldn’t get out. She managed to get up half the flight of stairs to the landing in between, where she was stuck. Afraid to venture up the remainder of the stairs, she resorted to whining pathetically until I rescued her (after taking a picture of course).

Cannot Get Enough

Some days I feel like I just cannot get enough of Adrianna. She is growing up so quickly, right before my eyes, that I want to savor every moment. I want to take in every baby noise, every facial expression, and imprint it in my memory forever. I want to memorize the smooth curve of her cheek, the way she reaches for me, and the sweet way her face lights up whenever I walk into the room. I love the way she dances and sways to music and the way she pats me with her little hand when I hold her. I wish I could keep her like this forever.

I came home from work a couple hours early today because I was not feeling well. My intent was to take a nap before it was time to pick Adrianna up from the neighbor’s house, but the whole way home I was thinking about how much I wanted to see Adrianna. Going to work so early in the morning means that she is still asleep when I leave, so I don’t see her until I get home in the afternoon. (Thankfully it is only 3 days a week!) I was desperate to see her, but my pounding headache won out so I took a nap. I was unable to drift off to sleep for awhile, as I had visions of my Babyanna in my head, along with guilt over the precious hours I was giving up with her in order to take care of my selfish need for a nap.

When I awoke, the first thing I saw was my precious baby girl. Greg had picked her up for me. Adrianna and I went downstairs so Greg could continue with his workday. We listened to music, sang, danced, talked, and played with her toys for a couple hours. I drank in every moment and she loved the attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And tonight, when it was her bedtime, I didn’t want to put her to bed. I didn’t want my time with her to be done, even if it is just for today. For my little baby is growing up so fast, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Chicken Pox Day 8

Well, the chicken pox (or whatever they were) are mostly gone. They never did get oozy, blistery, or scabby. They pretty much remained little, red pimple like sores that only appeared on her torso, in her diaper area, with only a couple on her thighs. Then, they just started to disappear. I am glad they are gone. I was getting really tired of being under quarantine and having to work in the evenings (so Greg could watch her) instead of in the mornings, although the sleeping in was nice.

We have a new person at work now. Heather took another position within the company, so my boss actually ended up hiring a friend of hers. Ann is about my age and we had met once before at a party at Heather’s house when both Ann and I were very pregnant. She had her son exactly a month before Adrianna was born. So I am excited to get to know her better since both our kids are so close in age. Ann’s husband works at the same company as Greg, which also happens to be the same company that Heather’s husband used to work for up until last year. I do miss Heather’s company at work already though. Thankfully she is still in the same building for another month or so at least.

Faithful Foot-Warmer

Molly is such a faithful dog. I would have to say that she is an almost-perfect dog. I could do without some of her barking and the peeing when excited thing that she’s got going on sometimes. But all in all, I love her faithfulness to me. She follows me all over the house and wants to be with me at all times. Every evening, she takes her post at my feet while I spend time on the computer.
Molly May

When I go to bed, she is right there with me. Chloe also usually joins us at this point, as she loves burrowing under the covers for warmth. Dogs make the best feet-warmers.

I really love my dogs. They are so good with Adrianna too. Adrianna enjoys watching them play and often will crawl over to them and try to join in. Chloe and Molly rear up on their hind feet in play, and Adrianna will do the same by sitting up on her knees and reaching for them. The dogs usually just move out of the way and continue playing.

Adrianna also doesn’t understand that you shouldn’t mess with a dog when they are chewing on a favorite toy or bone, but thankfully both Chloe and Molly are patient with her. If Adrianna gets too annoying, they just move higher up on the couch to get out of her way. Not once has either dog given me a single worry in regards to how well they tolerate the baby. I am so pleased with my pups.

Giddy Up!

This week, Greg put together a little wooden rocking horse for Adrianna. It is so adorable! It even matches the furniture set we bought her (we got the horse for free because it took them so long to deliver the crib).

Adrianna still needs a little help riding, but I am sure it won’t be long before she can do it by herself.
Giddy Up!

Molly wanted to get in on the action in this picture.
Giddy Up!