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Last night I was watching a recording online of Jay Leno interviewing Jennifer Garner. He was quizzing her about baseball, and every time she got a question right they would play a noise that sounded like the “ding” in the “ding dong” of a doorbell. Well, that got our dogs to barking. Our computer room is upstairs and the dogs were nowhere to be seen though we could hear them. So Greg went looking for them. He found them downstairs by the front door, still barking. Dumb dogs. LOL. Even though the sound was coming from my computer upstairs, they had run downstairs to bark at the door.

Adrianna’s Scrapbook – Page 4

Page 4 is with Greg’s side of the family at Christmas last year.

Christmas 2004

Adrianna’s Scrapbook – Page 3

Yeah, I know I skipped Page 2. It is just her family tree.

Page 3 is my side of the family last Thanksgiving. Adrianna wasn’t born yet, but I want to include some family events that took place while I was pregnant with her.

Thanksgiving 2004

Adrianna’s Scrapbook – Page 1

So, here is page 1 of Adrianna’s scrapbook. This photo was taken of Adrianna before she was even a full day old. We had it taken with her hat on to hide her hugely conical shaped head. Thankfully, her head shrunk down to normal human proportions after a couple days. 😉

Adrianna's Newborn Picture

Scrapbook Factory

Greg bought me a computer scrapbooking program for me as a late birthday present. This program, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, is awesome. It can do so much and is very user-friendly. Now I can combine two of my favorite things – being on the computer and scrapbooking. 😉

While I will start making some of my pages with this new program, I know I cannot give up on actual scrapbooking. There is just something about getting right into a project, cropping photos and paper, and manipulating things with your own hands.

One thing that this program is really going to help me with is my latest project. A baby scrapbook for Adrianna. I have been pondering how I wanted to handle creating a scrapbook for her, because I want to include all her photos and “firsts” into our family album as well. Which means that 2 scrapbooks would need to be created for the same time period and events. A lot of work, especially considering that I am still working on the year 2000 for our family albums. So I am just a little behind. hehe. I decided that I would use this new program to assist me with the creation of Adrianna’s scrapbook, which will be an 8 1/2 x 11 layout spread rather than my normal 12×12. (This program doesn’t do 12×12 as well as it does 8 1/2 x 11.) I am excited that I can hopefully keep caught up with Adrianna’s baby and toddler years this way and won’t forget any of those special events.

Another plus – I can export the pages I create into JPG files. Meaning that I can post them online easily for your viewing pleasure. Aren’t you excited?

Up in the air

Adrianna has started pushing her little butt up in the air when she is laying on her tummy. So cute. She hasn’t yet figured out how to get her bottom up in the air and push her chest up off of the ground at the same time with her arms. With each little development like this though, I can tell crawling isn’t too far away. Let the fun begin!

I guess we will have to get babyproofing things soon.

Time with Nana & Grandpa

My mom and dad came down on Sunday evening to visit with us. I am always glad to see them. They babysat Adrianna for us so we could make a Chipotle run for dinner. Adrianna must have had a good time with them, because she was in a great mood when we got back.

We were hoping to get together with Brian (who recently got back from New Orleans), but he was busy getting bills paid and running errands because he might be deployed here in the next day or so to Texas now for Hurricane Rita. I guess we’ll see…

UNO Hearts

Shad and Lynette brought over a new card game this weekend – UNO Hearts. We all learned how to play it on Friday and enjoyed it so much that we stayed up until 3:00 a.m. playing. It is basically the game of Hearts mixed with some of the basic UNO aspects, such as Wild Cards that make you draw. What an awesome game.

More Painting

This weekend was spent painting the remainder of the main level of our house. Thanks once again to Shad and Lynette, we were able to finish and, I must say, it looks AMAZING. Like a new house. We also rearranged some of the furniture. The room off of the kitchen (the one with the fireplace) is the new dining room. The old dining room now contains a couch and our tv. We also changed the living room so that the sectional couch is no longer separating the living room from the (old) dining room. Once we get it all tidied up again I will post some pictures. I really like this new arrangement. It makes the house seem really cozy and the new paint really makes the place warm and comfy. It is making it harder to think about leaving this house. But no worries – it also makes me even more excited to move into a new house as well.

Proud of the baby

Greg and I went out to eat at Fazoli’s tonight since our kitchen is still in shambles as we still need to paint that darn second coat. Adrianna was in her carrier and towards the end of our meal she started getting a little fussy. Greg, who was already done eating since he inhales his food, picked her up and held her. Adrianna was instantly soothed. She loves being held by her daddy.

On the way home, I told Greg how much I appreciate his help with Adrianna (by holding her so I could finish eating) when we are out and about. He said that he likes to hold Adrianna because he is proud of his baby. That SO warmed my heart. I am proud of Adrianna too. I am also proud to be able to call Greg my husband – not only because he is a wonderful husband but also because he is an awesome father. It brings me so much joy watching him interact with Adrianna. I feel so blessed.


The season premiere of Lost was last night. Once again it reaffirmed why it is the best show on tv right now. I guess I cannot talk too much about it without giving away what is in the hatch for those people who weren’t able to watch. But let me just say that I am SO looking forward to the rest of the season!

Painting the kitchen

We started painting the kitchen on Wednesday. We still have one more coat to go. But at least it is a start. I really like the color we picked out. It is a light tan color. Very warm and neutral. WE haven’t gotten as much painting done this week as I would have liked, but at least we’ve started. 😉

The Flatirons Crossings Mall Firepit

We have found a new place that we like to hang out. We had walked by it many times, but only recently discovered how cool it is to relax there. It is this large, outdoor firepit in The Village at the FlatIron Crossings Mall. When Marilyn, Kristi, and Paula were here, we decided to sit by the fire with our ice cream purchased at Cold Stone Creamery.

On Tuesday, Greg and I found ourselves at the mall again after a meal at Chipotle. We decided to walk over to this paper store that used to be in The Village to see about getting a little gift for Lynette. Unfortunately the paper store is no longer in existence there. But the firepit looked so inviting. So Greg, Adrianna, and I hung out for awhile. We had such a pleasant time. Greg and I just sat and enjoyed each other’s company.

Almost all the other people hanging out there were also parents with young children or babies. I enjoyed watching the toddlers just learning to walk and thinking about how cool it will be when Adrianna is that age. Not that I want her to grow up, because part of me wants her to stay as she is right now. We will have to go back and hang out there again.

September Photos

I am starting to see a trend in our photo gallery for September. It is all about Adrianna. And the dogs. As of today, there are 40 total pictures. Here are the totals each member of our family has racked up:

  1. Greg – 2
  2. Me – 0
  3. Adrianna – 34
  4. Chloe the dachshund- 9
  5. Molly the dachshund- 11
  6. Petey the cat- 0

So as you can see, there is not a single one of me or the cat.

5 Months Old

Adrianna turned 5 months old today. Time sure is flying by. I would love for her to stay like this forever, yet at the same time I look forward to each and every cute little milestone she achieves and has yet to achieve.

Molly, Chloe, and Adrianna