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Shad and Lynette-almost here!

Our best friends, Shad and Lynette Rempel, are moving to Colorado this weekend. In fact, they will be arriving at our house tomorrow sometime. They will stay the night, and then we will all drive to Springs to help them move into their new apartment. Incidentally, their new apartment is at the same complex that Kristy’s boyfriend lives at. So we will be able to see both sets of close friends pretty easily. We are extremely excited that Shad and Lynette will be so close to us now. Omaha was quite a distance a way, though we loved visiting our old stompin’ grounds.

We have known Shad and Lynette since before any of us were married. But, all of us were dating our significant others already so it has been really cool to watch our relationships evolve and grow. I actually met Shad at Godfathers when I became a manager at the Manderson location. I had been warned by a fellow manager and friend, Pauli, to basically watch out for Shad ’cause he was “trouble.”* So, my first night of work there (and also my first night as manager too I think) I was pretty nervous. In walks Shad and an obnoxious friend of his, Drew, who also worked there. My first memory of them is their turning on the radio to “Eye of the Tiger” and just blasting the song throughout the restaurant. I think some exaggerated dancing and loud singing was also involved.

*NOTE: Shad turned out to not be “trouble” as our friendship with him and his wife probably would indicate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back to Work? Maybe?

I met Juli and Heather at Red Robin for lunch today. It was so good to get out of the house, as always. Adrianna was an angel. The whole mealtime, she was awake and so well-behaved. She looked around a lot and smiled at me quite a bit. She also smiled at the cute waiter who tickled her feet. He got a good tip from our table. hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

After we ate, we all went back to our workplace. Juli offered to watch Adrianna for me so I could meet with my boss about me coming back to work, as my maternity leave is up in a couple weeks. I have decided that I do want to go back to work. In fact, I am actually looking forward to it. But, only if I can work just 12 hours a week; 4 hours a day on 3 separate days. On those days, Greg would work from home so one of us would always be with Adrianna. Plus, with me nursing, we wouldn’t have to do a lot of formula supplementation either with those short work hours.

I had already given my boss a heads up before I went on maternity leave that this type of plan is what I had in mind for when I did come back, even though we didn’t set anything into stone or anything. So it’s not like I broadsided him with this request. The end result is that my boss still needs to get with HR to see if this will be possible or not. If they let me do this, he said it will be “setting a precident” for anyone who comes back after maternity leave to be able to work part-time. I reminded him that technically this precident was already set, as Juli only worked 12 hours a week after she returned from her maternity leave 2 years ago. He wasn’t our boss then, so he didn’t remember that specifically. So hopefully things will work out. I will find out for sure sometime before July 12th I guess, as that is when I am due back to work.

Missin’ my Dogs SO much

Monday evening I drove up to my parents’ house with Adrianna, Chloe, and Molly. My mom is going to dog-sit Chloe and Molly for us for a couple weeks. I came back to Denver on Tuesday. The whole trip back, I felt like I was forgetting something. And ever since I have gotten back, I have been missing my sweet dogs so much. Every time I see a toy of theirs or when I take a nap (since they always join me) I especially feel it. They are such good company to me, especially when Greg is at work. I also feel safer with them around.

My mom said that after I left, both dogs sat by the front door for awhile waiting for me to come back. Poor babies. They are fine now; they have Abby the chihuahua to play with and they love being at my parents’ house. I cannot wait to see them again already.

If it is this hard to leave my dogs somewhere for more than a couple hours, I cannot even imagine what a mess I would be if I had to leave Adrianna anywhere for very long. The few times I have been apart from Adrianna have not gone over 4 hours, and by that time, I am anxious to get back home to see her again.

Photo Gallery Revamp

I have changed our photo gallery setup a little bit. We have been so camera-happy with Adrianna that the Baby Pics page was getting really huge and taking longer and longer to load up. So I have combined the baby pics with our regular pics that we have taken over the course of this year and broken them down into separate pages by month. You can find the most recent pics here or by using the Photo Galleries Link from this blog.

The pages continue to be primarily baby pics anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Cue n. A stimulus, either consciously or unconsciously perceived, that elicits or signals a type of behavior.

Our dachshunds, Chloe and Molly, are very adept at discovering, learning, and reacting to certain cues in our behavior. Many actions that we take during the course of a normal day elicit excited responses on their part; most of them involving the notion that something exciting is about to occur or that they are going to get to go somewhere.

It is important to note that our dogs can usually be found in the same rooms as we are. If Greg or I are in separate rooms, the dogs usually choose to be in whatever room I am located in. This propensity of following me around means to them that no room is sacred or off-limits and I usually have at least one dog accompanying me even to the bathroom. If both dogs don’t make it into the bathroom before I manage to close the door, I will have a doggie nose peaking under the door with an occasional whimper or scratch at the door (especially if the banned party is Molly).

Anyways, on to the cues. One of the first cues I noticed them responding to was the sound of Microsoft Windows being shut down on our computer or us pushing in our keyboard trays. This usually indicates that we are done sitting at our computer and are probably going to leave the room. As soon as they hear either of these noises (even if we are just shifting our position and bump the keyboard try so it slides to its closed position), the dogs will immediately wake up from what had previously appeared to be a sound slumber and run to the doorway. At this point, they turn around and look at us expectantly, waiting for us to join them. Written all over their cute doggy faces is the expression of “Hooray, maybe they will let us outside now! I love going outside! Going outside is my favorite!”

Another common and newly acquired cue is the turning off of the television. As soon as the tv is off, both dogs jump up (again, usually from a dead sleep) and are off the couch in a second and run to the backdoor. Once again assuming that this indicates that they are going to be let outside.

I think dogs understand more than we give them credit for. While they do take a lot of verbal cues from us based on tone of voice and inflection, there are certain words that they do understand regardless. The main recognizable word being, you guessed it: outside. I can throw the word “outside” into an ordinary sentence and not even be looking at the dogs and Chloe’s ears will raise to their topmost position and she will cock her head to the side and look at me as if to inquire “Outside? Did I just hear what I think I heard? Did she say outside? I love outside! Please let her mean that I get to go outside!”

A fun game we like to play with Chloe and Molly is “Get the Kitty“. Get the Kitty is fun for all parties involved, except perhaps for the poor kitty on the other end of the getting. Chloe especially has a knack for knowing where a kitty is at almost all times, even if she outwardly has not shown any signs of paying any attention to said kitty all day. When told to “Get the Kitty” she usually goes right to the kitty’s hiding spot.

Get the Kitty is also a very helpful tool for me whenever our cat, Petey, runs into the house and hides before I can get to him. (Petey is an outdoor kitty.) The dogs absolutely love playing this game with Petey. Poor Petey takes it in stride.

Speaking of cues and kitties, the dogs observed that whenever Petey would scratch on furniture that he would get yelled at by Greg or I. Pretty soon, we didn’t need to yell at Petey anymore – the dogs became reinforcers and would chase Petey off when he would scratch on furniture. Very useful these dogs are. This did get Chloe into trouble once though. She observed Kristi’s cat, Rosie, scratching (like a good kitty) on her scratching post. Chloe doesn’t know the difference between furniture and a scratching post. She went after Rosie like she does Petey, but Rosie would have none of it. She scratched poor little Chloe on her face. Chloe and Molly are learning to respect Rosie and to give Rosie a wider berth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lefties and Puppies

My Grandma Yergler has told me that my Aunt Diane and my cousin Jennifer are also left-handed. Only time will tell for Adrianna I guess. She’s got several years to go before deciding. hehe.

Adrianna is starting to grip things with her hands more and more. Her favorites right now are: Mommy’s hair, Mommy’s shirt, and her own shirt. Again, her left hand is her favored one thus far, but she does occasionally use her right hand as well.

She is starting to notice Chloe and Molly a little more now. Up until recently, she didn’t pay them any mind at all, even though they are always nearby checking up on her, sniffing her, or licking her. But lately I have noticed her watching them briefly. I think she is still motivated to watch them primarily because she recognizes movement more than anything else. Chloe and Molly are still wonderful with her. They will lay on the floor with Adrianna and I and will often accidently lay in the path of Adrianna’s feet. When she gets to pumping, they get kicked a few times. They don’t seem to mind one bit and don’t react negatively at all. I sometimes will take Adrianna’s hand and let her “pet the puppies” as a learning experience for them and her. When I do this, Molly instantly rolls over on her back, just like she does when anyone else pets her. Silly, loveable dog.

I was clued in to a great website by my sis-in-law, Jess, that has classified ads of for-sale items. I went to it yesterday evening and this morning purchased and picked up a used Bassinet and Baby Swing. I am pretty excited about both. The bassinet folds up pretty good which will be nice for traveling. And it puts Adrianna on an incline when she is laying in it and is small and cozy. For these reasons I think it is a lot like her carseat (which as you know she prefers to sleep in). Just as I’d hoped, she is sleeping like a baby in the bassinet tonight. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The baby swing is also great. She seems to enjoy the gentle swinging and she fell asleep in it earlier this evening as well when we were trying it out.

Morning Smiles

I mentioned in a previous post about the precious smiles that Adrianna greets me with in the mornings. I decided that I needed to capture these on video, since they are so adorable. So I did so yesterday morning. Greg then showed me how to download the file to our computer and essentially make a movie that I can then upload to the web.

So here is a short movie of Adrianna’s morning smiles for your viewing pleasure.

Here is an example of the sweet smiles you will find on the video:
Now that I know how to download the videos we have been taking, I am sure you can expect more movies to come!

Comcast Cable Movie Descriptions

Greg and I subscribe to Comcast here in the Denver area for cable tv and high-speed internet. We are satisfied with our experience so far. In fact, we have gotten some good laughs over the past couple months in regard to some of their movie descriptions when browsing through the cable guide.

For instance, back in May they had a showing of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on tv in order to get ready for the release of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. When clicking the “Info” button to find out more details about the movie, the description given for the movie was something like this: “Great special effects make up for bad acting and stilted dialogue…” I am paraphrasing the description on this one. I regret that I didn’t write it down word for word. Though this is the general populations’ overall opinion on this movie, I still thought it was funny that someone put it into words as the information regarding the movie. Aren’t those descriptions supposed to entice you to watch the movie?

I have seen many opinionated descriptions since then. Tonight, I saw one for a movie called Nadine in Date Land. I did not watch this movie, but I did notice that it had an entertaining description. Here it is word for word:

“Comic Janeane Garofalo is wasted in this sadly unamusing romantic comedy, playing a matchmaker with a nonexistent love life – until an old crush (played with too little emotion by Brad Rowe) reenters her life.”

Yeah, you got me convinced to watch this movie. hehe. *sarcasm*

I can just see some pasty little guy in a small cubicle whose sole task at work each day is to type up the movie descriptions for Comcast’s cable guide. Slipping in a humorous one every now and then for amusement and to make his data entry job a little more colorful. Kind of like a programmer’s easter egg, but less cleverly disguised.

Discovery of feet close at hand

Adrianna is getting close to “discovering” her feet. I have noticed her kicking her legs up higher and higher this past week or two. Yesterday, she had them as high as her face. Pretty soon, I imagine she will discover that she has feet when they are brought forth to the ultimate authority of existence and exploration: her mouth.

Another thing I have noticed is that she tends to favor her left side. When sleeping or laying down on her back, she prefers to lay her head to the left side. (We are trying to play with her and get her to look to the right side more to avoid a funny head shape!) She also sucks on her left fist. I don’t see her bring her right fist up to her mouth at all. I have lately been watching her pumping habits. Both legs are often furiously pumped, but the left leg seems to get a little more action than the right one. I read that lefty preferences don’t often show up until the child is 4 or 5, so it is too soon to tell anything by this. Lefties also are often males rather than females. But it is also thought to be an inherited trait, and she does have a left-handed uncle (Jeff) and a left-handed grandpa (Ken) so who knows – I guess we’ll see in a few years.

Verizon Wireless Runaround

Greg and I recently switched our cell phone service from T-Mobile to Verizon. We are also getting rid of our landline and replacing it with a cell phone as well. (No worries though – all phone numbers will be staying the same ๐Ÿ™‚ ) We were told our new phones would arrive on Monday, June 20th. Monday rolled around and no phones. Finally, one phone was delivered on Tuesday. Fine, I can live with a day or two late. No biggie. So when activating my phone I asked the CSR if it was normal to receive your phones on separate days in separate packages. She said yes. However, today is now Thursday and since I still have not received our 2nd phone I made another call to Verizon. The CSR’s I talked to today said that the phones should have been shipped together. *sigh* Now begins the customer service runaround that is so common when having to call almost any company these days. So there isn’t a second package coming. Would have been nice to know this on Tuesday so it could have gotten resolved sooner. *another sigh* I was transferred to another department to further assist. After being on hold for more than 10 minutes, I gave up because Adrianna was getting fussy. I called Verizon again after I was able to settle Adrianna down. After another 10-15 minutes of being on hold without speaking to a real live person, I gave up yet again and sent them an email via their website, which is what I probably should have done in the first place. Then I would have had a written record of their responses. I know this isn’t the hugests of deals when it all comes down to it, but this is just frustrating. I hate poor customer service. Having worked in customer service in varying capacities over the years, I just find poor customer service as unacceptable, especially when I can take my business elsewhere pretty easily. I sure hope they resolve this quickly for me though; I really like my new camera phone.

Chloe’s Bone Dilemma

About a week ago, I gave Molly and Chloe each a nice dog bone to chew on. Usually both girls will instantly run to one of their favorite chewing spots (namely one of our sofas or the armchair) and commence gnawing on it. This time, however, Chloe began carrying her bone all over the house, looking for a spot to “bury” it. She first tried hiding it behind the sofa cushions. I ruined her little plan though. I thought she was so adorable that I got the bone back out right away, hoping she would bury it somewhere again. This time though, I was going to be ready with the video camera. I followed her all over the house. She finally settled on hiding the bone in Adrianna’s room underneath the twin bed that we have in there.

After a couple days, Molly’s bone magically disappeared. I know she wasn’t finished with it, and I am pretty sure she didn’t hide it. I think Chloe snatched it at some point and squirreled it away somewhere too. We still haven’t found it.

Today I was doing some cleaning in Adrianna’s room. Chloe must have been afraid that I was going to find her hidden bone in there, so she ran in and snatched it from its hiding spot. Then off she was to find another place to bury her treasure.

About this time, I took Adrianna downstairs to feed her since it is cooler down there. While we were down there, I was able to witness Chloe attempt to bury her bone on the couch in our living room. She was unable to push the entire thing in the crack between a couch cushion and the arm of the couch. So, she took the whole side of her nose and started pushing along the length of the cushion, as you would expect she would do if she were outside and were pushing dirt to cover a hole she had dug. Well, I have recently vacuumed my couch cushions, so alas, there was no dirt to be found although she might have been successful at moving some lint around.

At this point, she looked up and spotted me watching her. And even worse, so was Molly. So Chloe decided to be nonchalant about the whole thing. She pulled her bone back up and laid down with it as if she meant to just take a nap with it the entire time. She would raise her head from time to time to lick the bone, as if to rouse up jealousy in poor Molly who was probably really wishing she knew where her bone was.

Missed you guys

Greg called home from work today just to say hi and to say that “I just miss you guys.” How blessed Adrianna and I are to have such a loving husband/father.

Even though Father’s day was yesterday, we celebrated it today. I baked Greg a cake – our favorite – chocolate with chocolate frosting. Yum! We also went out to eat at the Black-Eyed Pea (Greg’s choice). Great food. Adrianna was really well behaved. She looked around at all the new sights until she finally just fell asleep for the rest of the meal. By the time we were done, it was pouring buckets of rain along with a helping of small hailstones. Greg, being the gentleman that he is, ran out to get the car and pulled it up closer to the door for Adrianna and I. We are thankful for the rain though. Our backyard really needs the help.

Longer Sleep Time

Adrianna has been sleeping for longer periods at night now. The past few nights she has given us a 6 hour stretch of sleeptime. That is SO nice. I am also learning to recognize when she is needing a naptime during the day. She doesn’t take long naps though unless I am holding her, which still makes it hard to get anything done. Oh well.

Splish Splash

Adrianna is beginning to enjoy her bathtimes. When I gave her a bath a couple days ago, she was beginning to notice that she could pump her legs and move the water around in her little bathtub. Then tonight, she took that acquired knowledge from the previous bath and applied it full force. She splashed water all over the countertop near the sink I use. And all over me. She didn’t outright smile as she pumped and splashed, but I could tell from the look on her face that she was enjoying herself. I know I was enjoying it.

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