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Diet Coke with Splenda

The new Diet Coke with Splenda (rather than Aspertame) is on supermarket shelves now – Hooray! Since Splenda is supposed to be better than Aspertame, I was excited to try it. The taste is different from the regular diet coke and you cannot get it in the caffeine-free version which is a bummer. But overall, it is not too bad. I think it tastes a little like Diet Rite, which is also made with Splenda. I have to admit that I like the regular diet coke’s flavor a little better than this new one with Splenda, but I will probably buy the new splenda version (at least some of the time) so that I drink less of the aspertame as a whole.

File Extension

Which File Extension are You? Cool quiz for computer nerds. Greg, you might like this one! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe.

Here are my results. I am proud to be a music-related file extension.

You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
Which File Extension are You?

Internet Explorer Simulator

I stumbled across this Internet Exploder Explorer Simulator on another blog this evening and just busted out laughing. How creative and sadly true for users of Internet Explorer. hehe. I am glad I use the Firefox browser. No annoying pop-up ads, convenient tabbed browsing, live Bookmarks (great if you like to keep up on multiple blogs!), and lots more.

Lost & Alias

The season finales for Lost and Alias were last night. All I can say is WOW! They were both amazing.

Lost is my absolute favorite show right now. I am going to be “lost” without it this summer. Hehe. Last night it was on for two hours and I was on the edge of my seat. There were a couple moments that had my mouth hanging wide open in astonishment. I wasn’t expecting a couple of the twists and turns that were thrown in. And of course it ended with a huge, unexpected event. The Lost forums are just a’buzzin today. What a great show.

Alias was also really good and also contained a couple jaw-dropping moments as well. And like Lost (same creator), it ended with a huge, unexpected event. It is really funny to see so many actors in Alias that also were in Felicity together. hehe. Let’s see: the actors that played Sydney, Marshall, Marshall’s wife, Weiss, and a small character last night all appeared in Felicity at one point or another. I am sure there are more that I have not yet caught. And John Locke from Lost was also a reoccurring character in Alias a couple seasons ago. Of course all three shows have the same executive producer, J.J. Abrams.

American Idol

I am a big fan of American Idol. As a singer myself, I really enjoy watching the competition and the performances; both the good ones and the horrific ones. And sometimes I even agree with Simon’s opinions. Sometimes.

I have been pretty right on when it comes to picking who is going to win. Greg and I had picked Kelly Clarkson out to win on Season 1 from early on. She blew us away with her rendition of Respect, and from then on there was no one else we wanted to win.

After Season 1, Greg lost interest, but I carried on with my fascination with the show. For Season 2 I really wanted Clay Aiken to win. He has an awesome voice. He didn’t win per se, but he might as well have, as successful as he has been. I don’t hear much about Ruben Studdard these days, although Ruben does have one song out that I like: a rendition of Shout to the Lord.

Season 3 I have to admit I really didn’t get into. Partly because we had church on Tuesday evenings then so I missed most of the performances. I didn’t have any favorites. No one stood out. The winner, Fantasia, I was not crazy about at all.

Season 4 had me back on track. We had Childbirth education classes on Tuesdays during the beginning of the season, but my dad was kind enough to Tivo them for me so I didn’t miss a note. Carrie Underwood won as the American Idol. Hooray for Carrie! She had been my pick since the beginning. Can I pick ’em or what? I didn’t watch the actual finale where they announced the winner though. I always miss Wednesday nights because that is of course the night when Lost and Alias is on.

Well, three out of four ain’t bad. Can’t wait for the next season.

Work Trip

Adrianna and I made a trip into my workplace today. It was so good to see my coworkers! Though I haven’t missed working itself, I sure have missed the people I work with. It is funny how much attention a little baby draws. People I didn’t even know came over and wanted to see the baby. Thankfully I had brought a bottle along as she got hungry. I also had to change a poopy diaper while we were there. Trips with a baby aren’t easy, that is for sure. It takes about twice as long to get ready to go anywhere now.

I also had a dentist appointment this morning. No cavities – Hooray! Greg came along so he could watch Adrianna during the appointment for me and then I just dropped him off at work afterwards.

Here is a picture of Adrianna from yesterday. I got her all dressed up special for her to greet Daddy when he came home from work. ๐Ÿ˜€

10 Year Reunion

My 10 Year Highschool Reunion is coming up in June. Even though I was homeschooled my last 3 years of school, I am still invited. I am so thankful that they remembered me! Yet, even though I am glad to be invited and included, I cannot decide if I actually want to go or not. On one hand, I would really like to see what everyone is up to now. Being that it was a small town and that I lived there most of my growing-up years, I have known most of these people since grade school or even kindergarten. But on the other hand, I wasn’t too close to anyone after junior high (except for Kristy, but she isn’t going) and I am afraid that if I do go, I will just be a wallflower like I was during highschool anyways and be too shy to talk to anyone. I really cannot make up my mind. If I go, will I be miserable and embarrassed because I am too afraid to talk to anyone? Or if I don’t go and just send in my bio information, will I regret that decision later to not attend? I only have four days left to RSVP. Aauugh! I cannot make up my mind! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Saved by the Pooh

Adrianna, like many babies, is soothed by white noise. Yesterday I was in the other room vacuuming when she started to fuss. So I made my way, with the vacuum still running, into the room she was taking a nap in. The next thing I knew, she was no longer fussing but was instead sleeping.

A friend bought us a Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy that plays “womb sounds.” This was a real lifesaver the first few nights at home with Adrianna. We haven’t had to use it for awhile, but I pulled it out again yesterday and think I am going to take advantage of it soothing effects on Adrianna more often. I just gave Adrianna a feeding after which, at midnight, she still wasn’t sleeping. She was content but wide awake in her little bed/carrier. So I pulled out the Pooh. She’s now sleeping like a baby.

(Not sure why “sleeping like a baby” is such a popular phrase to mean getting good rest. Babies don’t sleep very well; at least not at this point! They wake up every couple of hours. Of course, they do sleep a lot though so that they probably are well-rested in spite of their waking up so often. It is just their parents who aren’t well rested as a result…)

Tree Frog

What a perfect day today. Adrianna let us sleep in. (Well, kinda. Mommy still had to get up and feed her. But she was content to sit in her carrier afterwards and fall back to sleep on her own.) We are experiencing beautiful Colorado weather. Greg is home since it is the weekend. I am getting lots done around the house since Greg can watch Adrianna. Life is good!

We are starting to make a habit of taking walks daily after Greg gets home from work. Yesterday evening was particularly warm even though the sun was setting by the time we got outside. We were pretty hot by the time we got back. I took a couple of pics of Greg and Adrianna sprawled out on the couch after we got back. Doesn’t it almost look like Adrianna is trying to mimic Greg’s posture in each one? ๐Ÿ˜€

Adrianna has many little nicknames already, even though none of them are actual names that we plan on continually calling her. Just little names of things that she reminds us of with her different expressions or other things she does. One of Greg’s favorites (besides “The Fuzzy” in regards to her fuzzy and full head of hair) is “Tree frog” because he says she looks like a little tree frog when she lays on her tummy, such as in the picture below.

Toys and Growing Up

Last night we had Adrianna on her play mat, which consists of a brightly-colored and patterned blanket with two bars over it with dangling toys. It plays music and lights up. Greg wondered if Adrianna would recognize the tunes that it plays if she randomly heard the music from the toy many years later. I wonder too. Even though babies don’t “remember” things from this age, surely it is still stored in their subconcious somewhere? They are taking in so much of their world right now. Even talking to them at this early stage in life helps their language development later, so it has got to be going somewhere. Greg came to the conclusion that even if she doesn’t remember the tunes, we will recognize them down the road and they will bring tears to our eyes as we remember her as a sweet, little baby.
Adrianna on her play mat at two weeks old

4 weeks old

Adrianna turned 4 weeks old yesterday. I cannot believe it; time sure is flying by.

I would say the question we get asked the most is in regards to how we are sleeping at night. We are doing pretty well. Adrianna gets me up a couple times each night. Once we get her to sleep (usually between 9 and 10 pm), she will stay asleep for an hour or two. She will then wake me up for a feeding at midnight or so. Sometimes (but not always) she will want a diaper change and another feeding around 2:30. Then she will let us sleep until around 5:30 when she wants another diaper change and feeding. Weeknights I get to handle the majority of the night-time duties since Greg has to work. But on weekends (or on weeknights if I have had a rough day) Greg helps me out with the diaper changes, even though I still have to wake up to feed her. But not having to get out of bed to change the diapers sure is nice. So overall I would say that we are doing as good as can be expected sleep-wise. I am glad Adrianna is good at night and only wakes us up when necessary and doesn’t do any extra fussing. Of course, this is still provided that she is put to sleep in her carseat. She also likes to fall asleep while feeding and sleeps well on our bed if I also accidently fall asleep before putting her in her carseat. If we try the cradle, it is another story altogether which ends up in us getting no sleep at all. Hopefully that will change soon.

Isn't she precious?

We introduced her to some of our neighbors yesterday when we went for a walk. They all thought she was beautiful and that she had “dainty” features. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love our neighbors. The ones across the street (Janette and John) are just the nicest and best neighbors you could ask for. They watch our house (and our cat!) for us when we are out of town. They have three boys (Shawn, Shane, and Ryan) that are really sweet and always say hi to us when we are outside. They are also Christians. Our neighbors next door are a little different but nice enough, but we don’t see them really often. Another neighbor lady, Debbie, from down the street really fell in love with our cat Jimmy (who now lives in Kansas) and knows us as “Jimmy’s parents”. Her family still has a picture of him on their fridge. I really miss that cat. We also have neighbors catty-corner across the street that are nice. I don’t know if the parents speak English, but they did let me in once to use their phone when our burglar alarm on our house had gone off. Their daughters hang out at the picnic table next to our house a lot, so we have talked to them occasionally. Whew. I just went off on a tangent there. Anyways, it is nice to know some of our neighbors, even if we don’t know them really well. It makes the neighborhood seem like a nicer and safer place. More of a community.

Grace University Blogring

This week I found a blogring for Grace University. I thought that was pretty cool, so I joined it. I have looked at some of the members though, and it appears they are all current students. They are all born in 1985 and thereabouts. That sure makes me feel old. I haven’t been out of college that long; just six years! I was a little bummed not to see any Grace alumni (so far). Oh well. I guess the current crop of youngsters are more web savvy than many of the people my age. I remember when I was at Grace, I spent a lot of time in the computer lab and created my own personal website and then influenced others to do the same. And then of course inspired Greg to also get involved with web design. I know, I brag about that a lot, but I am pretty proud of it. hehe.

I can only imagine what things will be like when Adrianna is older. She will probably know all kinds of cool internet stuff before she is even in high school, what with Greg’s and my interest in the web and how much we love our computers. (We each have our own computer you know so we can both be online at once, like right now. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

The Ambassadors

In college I was part of a 5-6 member music group called The Ambassadors for two years. The Grace University Ambassadors are an extension group sent out by Grace to minister to churches, youth groups, conferences, and highschools throughout the midwest three out of four weekends every month during the school year. It ended up that we were gone 4 out of 4 weekends most months though. It was a lot of work; really early mornings where we were up before the buttcrack of dawn, lugging heavy sound equipment (Helga!) around, and lots of hours on the road. Those were some of the best years of my life. We were a close-knit group. I really miss having friends who would just start singing at the drop of a hat no matter where we were or who was around. I really miss having friends here that I can sing with, period.
My First Year in The Ambassadors

The second year I was in The Ambassadors, we made a cd. Today I got that cd out and listened to it for probably the first time since it was made 6 years ago. I never really listened to it much after it was cut because back then I was too critical of myself so that all I could hear when attempting to listen to it were the mistakes. But listening to it today, I didn’t hear the mistakes. (Well, at least not all of them.) All I heard was a music group comprised of some of my dearest friends whom I miss a great deal. A group who loved to sing more than most anything else.
My Second Year in The Ambassadors

Tom Nechodomu and Amber Yergler Jeff, Erin, Jason, Lori, Tom, and Amber

Currently Playing:
For This One Reason
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The Grace University Ambassadors

Currently Watching/Listening to

One thing I like about the Xanga blogs that I read regularly (Jeff‘s and Jess‘s) is that you can post a small picture of the movie you just watched or CD that you just listened to along with a link to for that particular item. Not that I would ever have an influence on anyone to go buy the item, cause that I pretty much doubt that for the most part as I am not much of a movie connoisseur or the scholary type (except that my sister did go buy 3 books based on my recommendation which made me feel pretty good.) My main idea is that I enjoy seeing what other people are watching or listening to. And in the interest of always improving upon my blog usability wise, I googled for a plugin for WordPress, and sure enough, there is one that has this functionality. I love open source programs! I do think this plugin needs a little work though as it only included the actual picture of the DVD and the rest (along with the table format) I had to code myself. Not a big deal since it is a simple HTML table, but it would still be nice if it did that for me. Well, I guess the beauty of open source is that I could change it to do that automatically myself, if only I knew how to do that level of coding (which I don’t.)

Just Watched:
I, Robot
I, Robot (Widescreen Edition)

Fun on the Changing Table

This evening Adrianna made a mess. A huge mustardy mess. It all started because we ran out of newborn diapers today. I thought we could get by with another pack of diapers that we had on hand; after all, they said they were for babies “up to 15 pounds”. That language leaves the sizing pretty open. Anyways, though they worked okay earlier on, I am now positive that they are truly too big, as this evening Adrianna had one of those noisy squirts that just filled the entire diaper up and also squeeked right out on side of the diaper all over her car seat and Adrianna. There was mustard everywhere; this was not a little poo. Ugh. And as you probably know, right now the car seat is also doubling as Adrianna’s bed, since she refuses to sleep in the cradle. So I called Greg upstairs and we tackled the mess.

After cleaning up Adrianna and giving her a fresh diaper, I dawdled at putting a new outfit on her since she seemed so content and happy being mostly naked. I think after her huge mess that she was feeling like a million bucks! She was laying on the table just pumping those adorable arms and legs. I began talking and cooing to her and she started pumping even more furiously and also made some happy and excited baby noises. She even flashed a few smiles. I called Greg over and he started singing to her. It was an awesome moment that I want to remember – all three of us just enjoying ourselves and enjoying each other.

Adrianna just loves looking at Greg and really responds to his voice. Adrianna also seems to really likes it when Greg sings to her. She flashed him a smile earlier today when he sang “The Green Grass Grew All Around” to her. ๐Ÿ˜›