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I have decided to work only part-time up until the baby comes. One of my doctors suggested it and provided me with a note that I could hand in to HR. Actually, he suggested that I could quit altogether if I wanted, but I didn’t want to have to cut into my maternity leave time to do that. By working part time, I won’t lose my maternity leave benefits; my salary will just decrease according to the amount of hours I plan on working. So starting yesterday, I will only be working 4-6 hours a day instead of 8. Already I am SO glad I decided to do this. Even though it is somewhat inconvenient having to drive back after just a couple hours to pick up Greg from work since we only use one car, it has been so worth it already to have time to put up my feet and take a nap in the afternoon. I should have started this awhile ago!

Bathroom saga

The pregnant lady gets up from her desk, only to immediately come to the realization that now that she is standing, her baby is pressing intensely on her bladder. Danger is imminent – a bathroom must be found as soon as possible to avoid the unthinkable. She waddles out of her cube towards the nearest bathroom as quickly as possible, although to the casual observer she is still moving pretty slowly. Thankfully, no one stops to talk to her with the usual pregnancy comments of “You’re still here – you look like you are about to pop!”, as all her concentration now is focused on holding back the tides that are pushing with greater intensity with every step. She makes it to the only bathroom on her floor, only to be confronted with a “Closed for Cleaning” sign. AARGH. Praying that she can make to another bathroom, she uncomfortably manuevers down the staircase to the first floor. The bathroom is just ahead – only a few more steps. *sigh* Sweet relief…

Greg and the girls

Greg taking a quick nap with Chloe and Molly. They looked so adorable that I had to snap a picture.
Greg, Chloe, and Molly

Getting Ready

After yesterday’s events, Greg and I decided we had better stop procastinating on a few things regarding our readiness for the baby. Even though her due date that we have been planning by isn’t until April 19th, she measured big on yesterday’s ultrasound and the tech said she could have a possible due date of April 3rd. The ultrasound also showed that she could weigh (right now) as much as 7 pounds, 14 ounces – Ouch! But the tech said not to rely on the weight information. Plus, with my gestational diabetes, we are expecting that she could be a little larger than normal too.

So today I actually started packing a bag for the hospital and Greg installed her car seat into our Corolla. I have still been feeling contractions today, now that I know more what to look for. They do feel a little different than yesterday though; I am feeling slight stomach pain and backaches. Supposing yesterday had not happened, I think I would not have even noticed the ones today really. I am absolutely hoping that when the time comes for us to go to the hospital that I will be able to tell without a doubt that this is the real thing or that my water breaks so I have some tangible evidence that I need to get going! In the meantime though, Greg has continued to be kind enough to give me back massages when needed.

Afternoon at Avista

This morning I went in for my non-stress test as scheduled. The test showed some abnormal results, but my doctor told me not to worry as the baby herself appears to be totally healthy. But as a precaution he did order an ultrasound and also wanted me to take a stress test (where they actually give me a shot of something that will start contractions) to see how the baby would do during labor. When I got to the hospital for my stress test, they ended up not having to give me anything to start contractions, as the monitor there indicated I was having them on my own! It’s weird though, because I didn’t know I was having them. I felt an odd sensation and have felt it before off and on during the past week or so, but I have just been attributing it to the baby moving. So after testing me for awhile on the monitors, they had me walk around the hospital for an hour to see if that would get rid of the contractions. When they put me back on the monitor, I was still having them. Not to worry though – the nurse said I could continue having them for a long time and that doesn’t mean that the baby is going to come right away. I still can hardly feel them and wouldn’t have known they were actual contractions even now without this monitoring that I have been undergoing. So five hours later we finally got to leave the hospital.

Good news though – the ultrasound was pretty clear that the baby truly is a girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

New Crib!

Hooray – we just bought a new crib with a matching dresser/hutch combo. I bought it on Ebay, so we will have to wait for awhile for it to be shipped to us. That’s okay though, because even if the baby comes early we have a cradle for her for the first few months. By purchasing this online, we saved a little bit of $$, even after paying shipping costs. I cannot wait for it to get here!

Update: Here is a picture of the furniture set we bought.
Crib and Dresser

Bicycle Rant

Some bicyclists annoy me. Not the responsible ones who stick to safe roads with wide shoulders or even better, actual bike paths, but the ones who insist on riding their bikes on narrow two-lane roads that do not have shoulders but do have lots of hills and curves. There is a road between Greg’s job and mine that we take since we carpool, and it is one of these narrow two-lane roads with no shoulder and a huge hill. And there are always bicylists riding up it. Which forces drivers to either a) hit their brakes and progress slowly up the hill after them which is extremely slow going since the hill is quite steep or b) swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting the bike and risk being hit by a car coming the other direction. Due to the large hill, you cannot tell if someone IS coming from the other direction. Greg says I shouldn’t have to swerve, but the road is so narrow that I am afraid I am going to hit them, and then it would be my fault. I just feel angered that they are not only putting me in danger of hitting them, but they are also putting my life in danger by my having to swerve into the other lane to avoid them. Today though, I had two guys who were riding their bikes side by side up the hill, which left me absolutely no choice but to swerve into the other lane and pray no one came over the hill from the other direction. I made sure my horn greeted them as I went by, and it wasn’t the friendly short beep.

Growing up, my family would ride our bikes all over. Those family bike rides are great memories of my childhood. But I specifically remember that we would get far over to the side of the road whenever a car would approach.

Okay, I am done ranting now.

28 days

Only 28 more days until D-Day! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ And even better, only 20 more days of work!

Shopping for Baby

Today I took a half day off of work so my mom and I could go shopping together for baby stuff. I am so glad I did. It was a lot of fun looking at all the baby items with my mom there so I could get her opinion and everything. It also worked out that she could go to my OB appointment with me today, so she got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The baby was being ornery today. Every time the nurses would put the monitor on me to hear her heartbeat for the non-stress test, she would wiggle and move away so they would have to undo the monitor straps and find her heartbeat again and then tie it back on. This happened multiple times and almost seemed intentional. hehe. It is kind of the same type of deal when I try to get Greg to see or feel her move. She’ll be moving like crazy so I will get Greg’s attention. As soon as he looks or puts his hand on my belly, then nothing. After he gives up and his attention is lost, she begins her acrobatics again.

I saw a different doctor today since mine is on vacation. I really liked him. So that means I have seen three different OB doctors there and I like all of them, which is good in case my normal doctor is unavailable for my actual delivery. The doctor today asked me how long I plan on working. I told him right now the plan is to work until the day I deliver. He said I might not make it that long (with my hugely swollen feet, diabetes, etc) and that if I wanted to quit working now, they would support it and give me a note and everything. *sigh* That sure is tempting. The only major downfall would be that I would have less maternity leave then to spend with the baby before being expected back to work. I am going to think about asking for less working hours though. I am so drained by the end of each workday, but perhaps working less hours would be a good compromise that would also help my energy levels.


I decided to try my luck in selling some items on I had previously had good luck selling some textbooks at, ebay’s sister site where you set a price rather than using an auction style format, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to delve into the auction world. I decided to sell some of my old Christian accompaniment tracks that I know I will never use again. I didn’t expect to sell them for much, since they are mostly outdated and from the 90’s. However, I was pleasantly surprised that out of 7 auctions, 6 sold. And of those 6, several had more than one bidder which brought the price up. All in all, after shipping costs and auction fees, I came out with a profit of $24.76. Nothing to get rich off of, but quite a bit more than expected for items that were just collecting dust on my shelf. Also, working at Corporate Express, I was able to save some $$ on shipping/handling costs by buying my padded mailer envelopes using my employee discount. All in all, I am pleased with the turnout – it was kind of fun watching the bidding grow over the week my auctions were posted. I have at least 50 more tracks; I may just have to sell some more.

HTML 1 Class

Friday I had an HTML 1 class at New Horizons. Even though I already know some HTML, I decided to start with the first class just in case. It turns out though that the entire class was a review for me, which has it pros and cons. Con: I didn’t really learn anything. Pros: I now am more confident that I really do have a grasp on the fundamentals of HTML. Plus, the class was paid for out of a package deal through work, so no harm done. If my due date weren’t so near, I would take advantage of more web-related classes since work is footing the bill. I have one more class scheduled, although it isn’t totally web-related, and that is for Adobe Acrobat.

I still really enjoy working on website stuff. Did you know that in a round-a-bout way it is because of my original interest in web design that Greg got into it in the first place? Back in college, even before Greg and I started dating, I had my own personal website on Angelfire (before they got carried away with pop-up ads and such). He happened to come into the computer lab as I was leaving and hit the back button on the browser to pull up my site. Later, while we were dating, I took some actual web-related classes. Around this time, Greg started getting interested in the web design stuff too. I saw that he had such a natural talent for design and picking up the coding that far surpassed me, so I stupidly got intimidated and pretty much quit. Five years later though, I still enjoy it. Maybe I should get back into it, even though I know I could never catch up to Greg with his vast knowledge of different coding languages. Now I just need an idea of something I could add to our already existing site…

Thursday my parents were in town, so they stopped by after we got off work so that we could all go out for dinner. That was a lot of fun and it is always so good to get to see them. ๐Ÿ™‚ My mom will be back in town on Sunday night, and I am looking forward to going shopping for baby stuff when she is here.

At Wits End

Our friend Mark invited us to attend a show at the Wits End Comedy Club yesterday. (He had won free tickets.) This was my first time ever to go to a comedy club, and I quite enjoyed it. Some of the comics made me laugh more than others, but overall I was pleased with the show. The last guy had a lot of audience interaction (mostly making fun of audience members, but thankfully not us!) and made a lot of comparisons between men and women, which is always funny I think. Even though most of the comparisons were actually knocks against women, I found myself laughing quite a bit and agreeing with many of them.

Milking the System

There is a couple who is suing a hospital here for a baby-mixup. Mind you, they got the right baby when they went home. But while the lady was still in the hospital, she was given the wrong baby to breastfeed. I do agree that this would be quite upsetting, and I can see why they would make a big deal over that, as I think that would be pretty scary and unsettling. However, this couple is ALSO suing for “loss of earnings” and “loss of consortium” five months later. Maybe I am being callous, but this is where I think they are “milking” (pun intended) the mistake for all it is worth. I know that I don’t want to go back to work after the baby comes, but would still like to get paid anyways. And having a new baby would definitely be hard for a new mom and make her tired, perhaps even too tired for, let’s just say…”other” activities. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First Non-Stress Test

Today I went in for my first non-stress test. I didn’t know what to expect, but all went well. They had me lay down while they hooked me up to two monitors; one to monitor any uterine contractions and the other the monitor the baby’s heartbeat. I was also given a handheld device with a button that I was to push every time I felt the baby move. So for 15 minutes I lay there listening to our baby’s heart beat and waiting for her every movement. That was pretty cool. Every time she moved, I could audibly hear (and see on the monitor) her heart rate increase and then slowly decrease back to normal. When my doctor came in and looked at the printout from the monitor, she seemed pleased and said that the baby’s heart is beating perfectly and as expected after each movement. That was so reassuring and I am so glad that she is doing well and seems to be healthy.


I went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out my hives have an official name and are common during pregnancy. The official name is “Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy” or “PUPPP”. The bad news – it could last for the remainder of my pregnancy. The good news – I have some prescription meds now that can help the itching.

Starting next week, I will start going to the doctor twice a week for non-stress tests during which they will monitor the baby to make sure all is well. The doctor assured me that this is a normal precaution that they take with pregnant moms who are experiencing health issues, such as my gestational diabetes. My doctor also said again that I may not go all the way to my due date, but that if I was induced, that I wouldn’t be induced too early either as they want to make sure the baby’s lungs are developed okay. So I may get another ultrasound in a couple weeks to check up on her development. I am excited about getting another ultrasound, since I have only had one so far. It’ll be so cool to get to see her again. *sigh* Only 5 1/2 more weeks to go!