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Hooray, it is finally Friday! Of course, this also means that I am busy at work today since I have several new form releases to complete before I leave here. AND, we are leaving early to go to One Denver this evening, where Greg is part of the worship team this month. So, a busy yet fun day.

Thankfully, yesterday afternoon I have begun to not feel so fatigued all the time. I have been going to bed early all week and taking it easy. You can tell if you look at my house – it has gone by the wayside and is very messy right now! It’s driving me crazy, but what can you do? Greg has been really sweet and even made me dinner the other night so I could relax.


I cannot believe how tired I am lately. I can hardly keep my eyes open or concentrate on anything, which is especially bad since I am still at work…

I am so glad Greg is driving home tonight.

New Pastor

Well, it sounds like our Riverside South Campus has a candidate for our new pastor! I think the church gets to meet him and his family next weekend, so that should be pretty cool. The whole church is excited. The South Campus church as a whole is also going to be taking a new route as well in the fact that it sounds like we will become our own free-standing church with our own name, rather than our current status of being a satellite campus of Riverside. Pretty exciting to think about the future for our church.

Last night of Speech!

Last night was my last night of my Oral Communications class and I am SO relieved to be done! I had to do a persuasion speech, so I chose to speak on why Scrapbooking is better at preserving memories (and safer for photo storage) than Photo Albums. I brought in an example of an old, yellowed photo album where a baby picture of mine has lost a lot of its color. I also brought in 2 scrapbook pages and two photo album pages that had the exact same pictures, so the audience could see which one was more fun and interesting to look at.

My speech went really well, I thought. I have decided that I feel more comfortable doing speeches when I have props or visuals, as it helps me keep focused which keeps the stress level down a little. I am still so glad to have this class done and overwith though, even though I really enjoyed the time spent with my classmates who were really cool.

One of my classmates did a speech on dog rescue, and brought in her greyhound that she fostered and adopted. Her greyhound was a beautiful brindle, and so well behaved. It really made me want one – I think greyhounds are such beautiful and graceful dogs. I guess I have a thing for skinny, scrawny dogs.

Great Co-workers

I have awesome coworkers. They are so good about birthdays. When I came in to work today, my cube was all decorated and some of them had even brought me gifts! I got some scrapbooking supplies, an awesome Yankee Candle (Sweet Melon scented) that smells so awesome that it is making me hungry, and a cute picture of kittens. I also got a couple cards with puppies on them: one with a dachshie and one with a ton of puppies from “The Dog” (which incidentally matches my mousepad and a stuffed toy here that I have). They know me too well! They also bought me a cake that is chocolate with chocolate frosting-heavenly!

I am so thankful for such great coworkers.


Today is my 27th birthday. Goodness, that is hard to believe that I am that old already! I took the day off from work, but not to do anything exciting. I have spent literally all afternoon so far working on homework. I am now taking a much needed break from all that!

Sunday night my mom and Karen came down to spend the night. It was fun seeing them, and we were able to spend some time scrapbooking/making homemade cards, which is always cool.

Then, last night, Greg’s whole family came through town and stayed with us. They took us out to Outback for our birthday dinners, which was really nice. I only wish they could have stayed longer, but they were on their way to Vancouver, BC, helping Jeff and Jess move.

Tonight, Greg is going to take me shopping so I can help pick out my gift. We are going to buy a digital video camera, which is something I have been wanting for awhile now.

Poor Petey

We had quite a scare with our cat, Petey (aka Dr Peter Jones for whom our website is named). We didn’t see him Thursday night, but it isn’t too unusual for him to stay out all night. But when we still hadn’t seen him on Friday, we began to worry, as he is quite a chowhound and always comes back for food. This morning, we finally found him under our porch. After quite a bit of coaxing, he came out, but he was in pain. He won’t move his tail at all, and his hind end hurts him when touched. He also has some sores that look like road rash, so we think he was hit by a car and has been hiding out. We were also scared that he had his back hurt.

We got back from the vet’s this afternoon, and thankfully, according to the X-rays, Petey’s internal organs looked okay and no bones are fractured. However, it does look like some cartilage was torn in his hind pelvis region. But the vet thinks he will be able to heal on his own (without surgery). So the poor kitty has some painkillers and is back home to recuperate. Poor Petey. I am just so thankful that he is okay; we were really worried about him!

The greatest athlete is…

This was the subject for my impromptu speech last night (an impromptu speech being one where I draw a topic out of an envelope and have like 5 seconds to prepare for before beginning to speak). The hard part is that I do not watch sports, keep up on sports, let alone even care about sports. Having to think on the fly is hard enough, but it is especially hard when it is for a topic I know nothing about! So I ended up talking about King David from the Bible. I figured since he had wrestled a lion and a bear with his bare hands and also killed a giant with only a slingshot that he could be considered a great athlete as well as a great role model. After all, he was a man after God’s own heart…

Only one more speech class to go!

Yucky Work

Man, what a long and horrible day of work today. Some days I really love my job (like yesterday) and then there are those days (like today) where I just hate it. It’s amazing how I can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. *sigh* Work was so busy today that I didn’t actually have any time to do any form development, which is my “actual” job.

To top it off, I have procrastinated all week on my homework, so now that I am home after my awful workday, I am supposedto be working on my homework since I have class tomorrow. But I am furthering my procrastination by surfing on the net and updating my blog instead. 🙂

Banjos Rock

I own a shiny new banjo. First thing, I adjusted the bridge because (being held in place by string tension and never played before) it was an inch and a half out of place. Then I got online to see how the thing should be tuned. Armed with this information, I tuned up and cranked out some sweet bluegrass. That short fifth string sent my guitar sensibilities into the fetal position. I went out the next day and bought a ‘lern to play the banjo DVD’, a set of heavier guage strings and some finger picks. You should have seen the kids at Guitar Center[tm] boggle when I started asking banjo questions. Their worldview doesn’t allow for people actually being interested in banjos. That afternoon I had the thing disassembled on the floor and tried tightening the ‘head’. After that I replaced the strings and tightened the fifth string friction tuner since it wasn’t holding the string in tune. Some improvement I think. I can’t get the hang of the finger picks. I’d rather use my sausage fingers to pick at the strings since I can actually feel what I’m doing, but they say you’re supposed to use the picks. So far I’ve learned to play the theme to ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ and some basic banjo chords and picking patterns. I need to find somebody who knows about banjos so I can ask some burning banjo questions and get a few things straight in my head.

Greg’s Birthday

Greg’s birthday was yesterday. We had a nice, lazy afternoon followed by dinner at PF Changs and going to see Spiderman 2. For his present, I gave him the videogame Worms 3D and also got him a Pete Yorn CD. So he was pretty happy with that. But the clincher was my other “surprise” present. Right before 10:00 p.m., I pulled out a brand-new banjo. He was totally NOT expecting it, especially since I had already given him two gifts. It was so rewarding watching his face and eyes light up with surprise and excitement. He is downstairs now learning to play it as I write this (and doing very well I might add).

Speech (again!)

So I gave my demonstration speech last night on how to make 7-Layer Dip (and actually demonstrated the making of it of course) and surprisingly it went really well! I got a little tongue-tied on my conclusion, but other than that, it was great. The dip turned out deliciously yummy too. Overall, I am very pleased with how I did. One bummer though is that I was under my time limit (5 Minutes), which means I lose half a letter grade. I must have talked REALLY fast, because when I practiced it at home, I kept going just over 5 minutes. I sure am glad that it is done. Now I just have to think of a persuasive speech, which will probably be the hardest speech to do…


ARGH. My stomach is already feeling nervous for my speech class tonight even though it is still a couple hours away…

Fine Line to Walk

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Stupid Batteries

Last night was the last night for our worship band to regularly play at Re:Focus, as our worship leader, Aaron, is leaving to attend Moody Bible in Chicago. So that means it was also the last night for me to sing as part of the worship team, which is a bummer for me because I really enjoyed singing there. So my microphone chose this night of all nights to run out of batteries during the service, right after the 1st or 2nd song. So I did what anyone else would do in this predicament. Even knowing the batteries were dead, I continued singing with a smile right into my now defunct mic. I hope I pulled it off, even if the audience couldn’t hear me. hehe. Oh well. I felt less pressure though hitting the high notes, knowing that nobody could hear me now anyways. But I was bummed because we had some really good 3 part harmonies that were then reduced to just 2 being heard.