Monthly Archive: July 2004

Confession 0


I’ll admit it. I suffer from a mild case of road rage. Driving in heavy traffic gets my heart pounding, my jaw clenches, and I can feel my temper and stress-level rising. To get...

Motorcyles 2


I forgot to mention – my parents bought 2 motorcycles for themselves. I guess they are pretty excited… I will have to post some pictures of them and their new toys to our photo...

Conversations 0


Talked to Kristy yesterday. I sure miss her a lot now that she is in Springs. One thing I have always thought was way cool about our friendship though is the way we can...

Napoleon Dynamite 0

Napoleon Dynamite

We went and saw this movie on Saturday. Good movie. The title character is quite the geek. I am glad we went during opening week so that the rest of the audience would also...

Losing Sleep over Speech! 0

Losing Sleep over Speech!

I cannot believe how much sleep I have lost over the dread of having to prepare and for and present a 3 minute information speech due on Thursday!

Speech 0


Well, I started my Speech/Oral Communications class at Colorado Christian University last night. I can already tell that I am not going to do well. We had to do an impromptu speech too on...

Christian Community 0

Christian Community

“In a Christian community, everything depends upon whether each individual is an indispensable link in a chain. Only when even the smallest link is securely interlocked is the chain unbreakable. A community which allows...

Omaha visit 0

Omaha visit

Well, we are back from Omaha. We always have so much fun and get homesick while we are there. I think Omaha will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially since we...

Cheeseburger in Paradise 0

Cheeseburger in Paradise

So, we are in Omaha visiting Shad and Lynette. They took us to this new restaurant here, Cheeseburger in Paradise. This place was awesome. The live music was great and so was the food....

New Weblog 1

New Weblog

Hooray – we have a new weblog! I have been begging Greg to get us one that I can easily log into from anywhere, so *hopefully* I will be able to post more musings...